Abortions throughout the world are a major controversy. Discovers show that ” almost three hundred and fifty thousand U.S. teenagers under the age of eighteen become pregnant each year. Approximately eighty-two percent of these pregnancies are unintended. Fifty-five percent of pregnant teenagers give birth, fourteen percent have miscarriages, and thirty-one percent have abortions.” (Laws Restricting Teenagers Access to Abortion 5). Many different people have different perspectives about abortion. There are many questions being asked, like “who should make the choice to kill preborn babies.” (All Abortions Must Be Illegal 1). People believe that the answer is nobody. At the same time others believe that “unsafe abortions is the cause of seventy thousand maternals death each year.” (Facts and Consequences 3). Abortions are wrong and should not be allowed because they are murdering innocent human beings and they are unsafe for the mother.A main reason is that abortion should not be legal because a woman is taking away their own child’s life. In fact it is not the baby’s fault. In fact it is not the baby’s fault that “these human are fully human, entirely innocent, helpless and voiceless” (Three Legal 2). The baby should have the right to live. It is possible that a baby can have a better life, if it was alive rather than being dead. What gives a woman the right the right to decide who should live and who should die?” Many people in the world believe that “no one other than god should decide, that even applies to the preborn as well as the born” (All Abortions Must Be Illegal 1). Abortion is against God’s law in the holy book called the Bible. A baby does not have the security of a mother, because she may have the decision to murder the baby. Even though the baby did not do anything, it does not deserve to have his or her life taken away just like that. Lastly, an article states that “basic science proves that an unborn child is a “human being” (Three Legal 2). With that being said, how can a baby that can feel,breathe, and move has the right to die without even doing anything wrong? All babies should be able to have the opportunity to live life. Killing an innocent little baby is not the solution. Overall, an article states that “murder is not the solution, even of the mother at such distraught time believes it is” (All abortions must be illegal 1). A baby’s life should not be taken away by having an abortion. The baby has the same right to live, just like every human being does. Abortion is not an easy decision to do , but some woman may think that it is the best decision to make. In Fact there is some serious complications that may occur when you are trying to abort. These abortions are considered “unsafe abortions.” Unsafe abortions can lead women to death or unhealthy diseases. In an article written by Susan Conen , it says “almost forty-two million abortions take place around the world each year, about twenty million are unsafe” (Facts and Consequences 3). Instead of having their baby, twenty million women decide to have an unsafe abortion and risk their life. It puts the woman’s health in danger and it is also a dangerous procedure to do. An article states that “most women cannot afford to pay private-sector prices, so they go to the public health facilities where quality of care is poor” (Facts and Consequences 3). Women that have no money rather have an unsafe abortion because they want to get rid of the baby as soon as possible. If a woman goes to a public health facility, there is a chance that the woman may die or have complications in the future due to poor care. Why should women have to have an unsafe abortion and put their lives at risk? Women should not have an abortion at all, they are harming their self and and innocent baby. Around the world studies show that “five million women are hospitalized each year for treatment of abortion related complications” (Unsafe abortion 4). Women are harming themselves and ending up in the hospital for having an unnecessary abortion. There is some affective things that cause unsafe abortions like hemorrhage and sepsis. Women that don’t survive while having an abortion “leave 220,000 children motherless.”(Unsafe Abortion 4). These women are leaving their children because of the choices the mother has made. Overall, unsafe abortions should not be in a woman’s mind at all because it can lead to deadly complications. Having an abortion is not the right decision to do  because women affect their bodies in many different types of ways. The life of a child is valuable and should be taken away just like that. Others may think that the life of child should not be taken away for granted. An abortion is considered one hundred percent a murder because a woman is taking the life of a human being that was not asked to be brought to this world.


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