ABSTRACT Background: Hepatitis C virus (HCV)infection is the leading causes of liver fibrosis.

Growing body of evidencesnow indicate its role in extra hepatic manifestations that may eventuallytrigger cardiovascular events.Objective: Present study willevaluate the degree of liver fibrosis and intima media thickening of carotidartery in HCV infected patients. Study will also evaluate the correlation between liver fibrosis with intima mediathickening of carotid in HCV infected patients. Methodology: This descriptive, cross sectional study will becarried out in the out patients department of a hepatic clinic of a tertiarycare hospital after obtaining the ethical approval from IRB. A total of 100 seropositivehepatitis C (HCV) patients of either sex will be selected by convenientsampling technique along with 25 apparently healthy volunteers as control. Asigned informed consent will be obtained from each participant. HCV patientswith history of heart disease, smoking, acute or chronic kidney disease, livermasses, alcohol consumption, and pregnancy will be excluded from the study. Data regarding demographic, anthropometric, clinical and biochemicalparameters will be recorded in a predesigned questionnaire.

Ten ml of bloodwill be collected from each participant for the estimation of RBS, CBC, liverfunction tests, HCV antibody and viral load. Degree of liver fibrosis will beevaluated by elastography and carotid atherosclerosis will be assessed bycarotid intima media thickening by B-Mode carotid ultrasonography by an expertphysician of the radiology department blind to the result of elastography. Data will be entered and analyzed by Statistical Package for SocialSciences Software (SPSS) Version 22.0.

Results will be depicted in tables andgraphs. Continuous variable will be presented as mean±SD. Frequencies andpercentages will be calculated for the categorical variables. A Chi-square testwill be performed for exploring the association between dependent (liverfibrosis) and independent variables (carotid intima media thickening).

Ap-value of <0.05 will be considered as statistically significant.Key Words: HCV, Elestography,Carotid Intima Media Thickening 


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