AbstractVocabulary is the foundation for comprehension. Bydefinition point of view we can say that, Vocabulary is nothing but a range of artistic or stylistic forms,techniques, or movements. It helps your child understand what otherpeople are saying and what she/he is reading. Not only children but also ithelps all of us to describe ourselves, others or to express one’s emotions.

Words can be explicit when sharing their ideas and opinions.                 Comprehension improves when you know what the wordsmean. Words are the currency of communication. A robust vocabulary improves allareas of communication — listening, speaking, reading and writing. Sincecomprehension is the ultimate goal of reading, you cannot overestimate theimportance of vocabulary development. “Bookabulary” is an innovative, Englishvocabulary builder app that helps you improve your vocabulary for day-to-dayuse as well as many others.

GreaterVocabulary serves better Communication skills.Keywords: Improves Vocabulary, Myvocab, Firebasedatabase, Oxford Dictionary api1.     Introduction:Knowledge isessential for success in reading. Students cannot understand what they readwithout understanding what most of the words mean. Decades of research haveconfirmed the important role that vocabulary plays in reading comprehension andin students’ overall academic success). Yet there is an alarming word-knowledgegap between students who come from economically advantaged backgrounds andthose who live in poverty. The differences in vocabulary knowledge begin beforechildren enter school and—without intervention—the gap grows even wider asstudents move from grade  to grade. Now adays applications created by the app developers are simply useful and solutionto almost every problem.

The applications are created with the intension of solvingthe problem in an easiest and advanced manner. People’s life are changingbecause of the high usage of android application. This leads to the creation ofunique applications by the android app developers company. And, a well-designed app is most important tool thatperson uses to access information.2.     Studyof existing system:Inthe world of communication and different languages and the ocean of words, wecome across with probably new word every day. Sometimes we don’t even know themeaning of the world. As per the vocabulary concern we should know the meaningand the definition of almost every words.

But to remember all the words is notpossible and to search every new word we have to go through the dictionary andthis leads to the waste of time. After sometimes we don’t even remember theword and the meaning. This leads to the lack of vocabulary and causes manydifferent problems in communication. Drawbacksof existing system:·        Poor vocabulary·        The complexity of wordknowledge·        The limitations of sourcesof information about words.·        No command over language·        Not ablecommunicate your ideas to people in a much more effective manner.

 3.      Proposedsystem :       I.           Thinkingbehind the application:What do youmean by titillate?to interestor excite (someone) in an enjoyable and often sexual way Merriam WebsterTryrecalling the word, after a day. Idea:Have youever seen a film that was so charming that you felt sheer delight as youwatched? Or perhaps you have gone through a book that was so good that you kepthugging yourself mentally as you read?Now noticethe examples I have used, I have not spoken of books that grip you emotionallyor of movies that keep you on the edge of the seat in suspense.

These wouldrequire more lasting and memorable type of enjoyment. I have detailed rather,mental or physical stimuli that exite enjoyably but not too sharply – adelightful novel, a charming play, a delicious desert. How do such thingsaffect you?They titillateyou.I bet thatyou will not forget that easily, you can’t, that’s the beauty of relating aword to an idea.      II.           Proposed solution:The typical10-year old, has a recognition vocabulary of over twenty thousand words- andhas been teaching many hundreds of new words every word since the age of four.You were once a self-accomplished child, what was your secret?Did youspend hours, every day, poring over the dictionary? OR Did you lull yourself tosleep at night with Webster’s Unabridged? That soundsstrange, right? So your method was something different and simple!Your methodwas the essence of simplicity: day in day out you kept learning, you keptsqueezing out every possible ounce of learning out of every waking moment, youwere an eternal question box, for you had a constant and insatiable desire toknow and understand!So, whathappened as you grow up? You fell outof your insatiable desire to know and understand, you got busy, you fell shortin paying attention to details, you gradually lost your need to increase yourvocabulary.

So thetraditional way of listing words, going through them once a day, making them byheart, using Flashcards will take you an extra mile but not to the destination.This app willattach the words, with ideas, which are easy to remember, that can be used atthe right time and place. Our human mind is programmed in such a manner that weremember ideas or events more, than just a word. We have come up with the ideaof making it much more fun, and a daily assessment of right usage of words withright pronunciation. We use the unique technique of word roots, to learn aseries of words at a single go.Theapplication contains the search bar for searching the words. User enters the data(word)to be searched. The data gets stored in the form of live data.

  The request is sent to the server, to theonline dictionary server. After the server receives the request. The serverresponds to the request and sends back the requested service which is themeaning of the searched word.   The user gets the responds in variety.Verb,  noun, category, definition andmany more response is generated with respected to the searched word.

User willbe able to know all the attributes that word belongs to. A thesaurus isprovided for more improvisation. Because of this feature the user is able toknow all different words synonyms to the searched word.

To store all searchedword, list is provided MyVocab. which contains the recent searched words, whichhelps the user to revise words more and more and leads to the bettervocabulary. The user is also provided with the feature of addition ofsentences. The user can adds the sentence using the searched word.  This leads to the better command over thegrammar. Test is one of the best features of the Bookabulary application.

Thisfeature allows the user to give test on the basis of the searched word. This makesthe user well informed with the words. Daily reminder is provided. The usergets the reminder of a new word daily. This makes user aware with new wordseach and every day, leads to the addition of new words in the user’svocabulary. Fig: Block Diagram of Proposed application  4.     Implementation :We have used Firebase database for our app to store all therelated to the user.

The Firebase Realtime Database is a cloud-hosted database.It stores and sync data with our NoSQL cloud database. Data is synced acrossall clients in realtime, and remains available when your app goes offline. Themain advantage of firebase is Firebase apps remain responsive even when offlinebecause the Firebase Realtime Database SDK persists your data to disk.Main features ofBookabulary application are:·        Creates list of searched words·        Specifies Category of Word·        Thesaurus·        Daily reminder·        Weekly test·        Creation of own sentences using searched words.

 5.     The execution of project happens in the following sequence:        I.           User enters any word tosearch.       II.           After searching, dictionarymeaning of the word is displayed along with the category and Proper definition.

     III.           As soon asthe user searches any word, that entered word gets stored into his/her personaldictionary called ‘My vocabulary’.     IV.           Also the user can frame thesentences using those words, save them and can delete them as well.6.

     Advantages:The mainadvantage of ‘Bookabulary’ is that this app is not limited to specific users.It can be used by the users of any age, any qualification at anywhere as wellas anytime at free of cost. From a small child to a matured guy anybody can usethis app as a learning tool. It has following benefits as well: – ü Larger command of your language.ü Improving your vocabulary can greatly increase your IQ.ü Communicate your ideas to people in a much more effective manner.

ü Increasing your vocabulary will allow you to become smarter.ü It will allow you to become better informed.  7.

    Conclusion: Thus, the Bookabulary application is veryhelpful to users in different ways. It can be used by the users of any age, anyqualification at anywhere as well as anytime at free of cost. We can say thisapp is like a learning tool for the users having poor vocabulary.

§  This application is very useful for the onewho wants to build or improve his/her vocabulary.§  User can remember for longer period of timeand revise the things whenever required.   8.      Future scope:The following are the points which can be added to ourproject: §  Words which are being used again and again can be added tothe different list like Favorites.§  The meaning of the searched word should also be translatedinto other main languages such as Hindi, Marathi, French, Spanish and manymore.  9.     References:1  https://firebase.google.

com/docs/android2  https://www.slideshare.net3   OL. Google Android Developers, Android DevelopGuide, http://developer.android.com/guide/topics/fundamentals.html4   http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/6104696/


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