Abstract— This paper describes context aware
applications using contemporary approach on applications that examine and
reacts to an individual’s changing context. Such context aware applications can
promote and connecting people’s interactions with devices, computers, and other
people’s surroundings behaviors. We
believe that limited information needed for covering a person’s proximate
environment is most important for this form of computing since the interesting
part we want to examine is what we can hear, see, and touch. It is clear that
context-aware research is a very rich area of research, the difficulties and
possible solutions we outline serve as guidance for researchers to present it
in a form for suitable for application programmers.

Computing, Modern Computing Approach, Context-Aware Computing, Location sensors,
sentient computing,

spatial indexing, visualization

I.     Introduction

The principles of mobile computing is
that a user’s applications are available, in a suitable adapted form, where
that user goes it takes information from surroundings via sensors in that case
user need not to carry any equipment’s around; the applications themselves can
follow the user as they move, using the connectivity they have and equipment’s
available. We call these applications Follow-me Applications. Our most significant aspect for this Context-Aware
Mobile Computing is constantly changing execution environment. The device available
or accessible for inputs and so as the processors available for tasks, the
network capacity, connectivity, these may change all over the time period.


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