Abstract: Thisterm paper analysis symbols in Robert Frost’s After-Apple Picking and Birches.

  The paper also analyses the connectionbetween nature and man in Frost’s poetry, not to categorise him as a naturepoet but to analyse the peculiarities of his symbols and their connection withman.  Also the paper comparing both poemsin terms of themes.Robert Frost was born in California andwas identified with New England.

  Hemoved to New England after the death of his father, and helped his mother byteaching in her own school. He had tried many fields like a teacher, farmer andlater as a visiting professor in many universities including Harvard.  His fortune changed from 1912 onwards, thetime when he moved to England with his family. His first book, A Boy’s Will (1913),get published there “with a phrase borrowed from Longfellow’s poem My Lost Youth” (Thomas 97).  After the publication and the wide reception ofNorth of Boston both in America andEngland, he went back to America. The success he enjoyed for the rest of his life as a poet, however cametoo late                to cancel the bitterness left byhis earlier struggles.  Moreover, heendured                                                       personal tragedy: a soncommitted suicide and a daughter had a complete                                            mental collapse. ( Baym 727)              He was a poet of simplicity.

Simplethemes, mostly related to life were presented in his poems.  Inthe context of Frost’s diction, the colloquial rhythms, the simplicity ofhis                   images and aboveall the folky speaker- these are intended to make the poems look natural,unplanned.  In the context of themodernist movement, however they can be seen as a thoughtful reply to highmodernism’s fondness for obscurity and difficulty. (Baym 727) Elementsof regionalism was there in his poems.

 Regional writers of American literature tried to bring more realism, andthis was “resulted from the desire both to preserve a record of distinctiveways of life and to come to terms with the new world that seemed to bereplacing these early and allegedly happier times” (Baym 12). There were some”local colorists” dedicated to capturing its natural, social and linguisticfeatures” (Baym 13)                          Nature is “symbolic ofspirit” quoting Robert D. Richardson in ‘Analysis on Nature in Robert Frost’sPoetry’, Frost says that “”I am not a nature poet,” he once declared “There isalmost always a person in my poems”” (  Yuanli  26). Human psyche in any natural elementsbecomes the focal point, rather than a mere “background”.  It is also quoted that “some people called mepoet of nature setting but I am not a poet for nature, there is also somethingelse in my poems” (Yuanli  26).  “Confusion and dilemma” are one of the commonthemes in his poems like in The Road NotTaken and in Mending  Wall.

He sings “And Sorry I could nottravel both” in former and “Why do they make good neighbours” in latter.  Also; we can see an element of “delight and pleasure”in his woods, trees, grass, apple etc. Human Wisdom


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