Abstract: Nowadays, educational Institutions are paying increasing attention to the views of Student’s on the involvement in learning and teaching through reviews or feedbacks.

Online Feedback System is a web application which provides base for the schools/colleges toconduct student’s feedback online. The goal of the study was to develop an all in one feedback system serving both students and teachers. The system comprises of generation and analysis of teacher’s feedback pages , summary, and a delivery of feedback. Thesystem is developed for the all college students and staff members Also Students can give opinion about their faculty members.

Thepurpose of this system is to collect information on learning experience as well as the about teacher’s performance in the class. Studentmust login into the system, so as to give feedback. He has to login with his name and a password. He will give the feedback to the faculty member by subject wise. He has five options to choose from excellent, very good, good, satisfactory, poor. and student has to select one of the five options about faculty in his feedback form.

Then after attempting every question has to submit his feedback with the system. This online feedback system is the perfect place to find feedback evaluated according to the requirements and it is the efficient one to get authenticated users Keywords: feedback, management, system, project1. Introduction In today’s world of online interaction, electronic education is helpful, also being The ‘Feedback management System’ Approaches all abouttaken into consideration, the student’s concerns of the levelenvironment and teachers. In the existing system, students can give feedback about the lecturers manually on a paper where there are sets of well-defined questions. After giving feedback, papers are collected by the Staff and the overallmarks for each subject and each lecturer is calculated. After that those all summary of grades is viewed by the head of the department which is given by the faculty.

But by this process student can give feedback in online system which saves time and also once the feedback will be submitted itcan’t be changed.We have developed faculty feedback system to providefeedback in an easy and consistent manner to the college HOD or principal. We call it faculty feedback system which delivers via student staff interface as online system which is acting as Service Provider. The primary focus of this project is to get familiar to VB.NET framework and C# coding’s.visual studio to provide a featured GUI which will be used 2.

Project Concept & Product (Details of Product) Here in this web-app for issuing the feedback aboutSystem which interaction as web systemsystem wefacultyby students onHODs.This project has four kinds of users Student, teachers, headof department and Admin. The student can givefeedback in online system provided by staff. Students and can givefeedback about thelecturers.Lecturers can give feedback for peer faculty members and also self, Head of the departmentcan give feedback for lecturersThese reports will be checked by the head of department .

He can view overall marks and grades obtained to theteacher and give this report to the principal and he can further give counseling tothe college staffs compared to theold or manual system, this online system is very easy to useand due to user-friendly interface it is easy to understand too.Paper ID: ART201646892 2187feedback analysis of students and staffs. In the proposed system, security is included, the result of which the feedback is only visible to (Administrator or user with special privilege). Online feedback is an integral feature of evaluation of effective & efficient learning & teaching practices.


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