Actually,Islamophobia is fear of Islam and Muslims. As Muslims are considered terroristall over the world, therefore Western countries have more fear of Islam andMuslims. Islam religion is not tailed all over the world specifically in Westerncountries that’s why Western people thinks Islam is religion whose followersare foes of non-Muslims. (en.wikipedia.

org, 2018)           The term islamophobia came in early 20thcentury but it is famed after CBMI description.(rahsaan.web.unc.

edu, 2013)           Islamophobia become a growing political andsociological important topic. Islamophobia, rather than simple criticism is afear of Islam. Early criticism was from Christians, who thinks Islam as heresyfrom Christian religion.  (www., 2017)           Later criticism came from Jewish. Scholarshave opinion that islamophobia always present in Western cultures andcountries. A report of OIC states that, “Islamophobia has existence as long asIslam is present in world. (islamphobia.wordpress.

com, n.d.)          Some negativeperceptions are also given by Western media about islamophobia, these are;·        It is aggressive, terrorismsupportive and threatening to Western civilization.·        It is an ideology used foradvantages of politics and military. ·        It is seen as underling, cruel,baseless and discriminatory to Western.

    Beside these above media’s negative perceptions, some philosophersalso gave their negative concept regarding islamophobia.  (         The oppositiontowards Islam is not only increasing day by day, but evolving after 9/11 attackin America. European and American societies are struggling with present problemof islamophobia.

America is becoming more Islamophobic and it startedanti-Muslim hate crimes and attacks on mosques. (thefearofislam, 2015)          In UK some Muslims are victims of violencebecause of their religion and anti-Muslim incidents increased after bomb attackin London in 2005. In UK Muslims are held back in workplaces as well as inhigher managerial, administrative and professional occupation.  (, 2016)


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