Advertising worlwide advertising. Advertising can open new doors

Advertising is a vital part of the economy and the success of business.  Nowadays, we can see advertisements everywhere, from television sets to billboards. Some people believe that these various advertisements impress people to buy products which are not needed and only look good on television. Also several companies focus on advertisements more than their products because they know that advertising is a great way to sell their products. Even though many products are similar, companies use their ads to make their products seem new. In this days, there are new and very strange techniques of advertising. Advertising is also important for the new business company as it lets the company get more customers because of increasing business turnaround. ”In 2013, Surprisingly, China’s Huawei took third place in smartphone and overall mobile sales. Huawei sold 27.2 million smartphones, which is up a stunning 73.8 percent from 2011. They could do this with good advertising technique and high advertising spending, ”said Jason Stein in his article. So there are strong arguments on both sides. Furthemore advertising has several advantages, such as global marketing and economic growth; however there are also some disadvantages, such as wasting of money and giving misinformation. The main advantage of advertising is global marketing. International marketing, also known as global marketing, is the process of worlwide advertising. Advertising can open new doors for international marketing. If the main aim of company is the trading with the whole world, they must use new andcreative advertising techniques because people who live in foreigner countries can’t get any information about that company. In these days, all companies are interested in this marketing with foreigner countries because they know that they can increase their incomes with this way, for exapmle, vestel and arcelik. Arcelik could not increase their income enough until  being a part of global marketing. ”Turkish white-goods maker Arcelik posted a 44 percent increase in 2015 net profit to 891.1 million lira ($301 million) while sales rose 13 percent to 14.2 billion lira,” (Reporting by Ceyda Caglayan; Editing by Daren Butler). In summary, we can say based on these statistics that advertising is the main part of global marketing.Another advantage of advertising is economic growth.Advertising creates a powerful competition among companies because the most important thing for companies is being at top of the list for buyers. “Advertising in a down economy is even more important than advertising during the good times, that’s when you can build market share. That’s when you have less competition for share of mind. While others are in a cocoon, hibernating until things blow over, it’s a great time to invest in your business,” says Joyce Gioia, president of the Herman Group. She thinks that industry suppliers need to show themselves as a perfect choice to costumers and they should try to do this in a down economy because it  has more superiority. Furthermore, advertising provide valuable information about products and services in an efficient way. In this way, it helps the advertising economy run smoothly and also help keeping the price low. In conclusion, advertising can affect economic growth easily and this effect will increase in the future.        The main disadvantage of advertising is wasting money. Statistics show us that more than $500 bilion a year is spent on advertising worldwide. Some famous companies have fallen on final sales despite spending a lot of money on advertising because their brand wasn’t strong enough to succeed. A great example of this was seen between Samsung and Apple. In 2013, Apple could sell much more than Samsung, even though Samsung spent much more on advertising. “Even as we witness Samsung’s slap-our-name-everywhere in-your face marketing—these numbers make it hard to believe that they spent $14 billion on advertising, while Apple spent approximately $1 billion,” said Jason Stein in his article. We can see that usually spending a lot of money on advertising is not so effective, if your product is not good enough, so companies have to focus more making their product than planning their advertising projects. If owners follow this way, they will not do wasting money on advertising, and they can enlarge their work and give more chances to people to earn money who don’t work. To sum up, in some cases spending a lot of money on advertising can be wasting money.Another disadvantage of advertising is misinformation.Advertising has incredible power on effecting to people. Especially children are affected easily from advertisements. In other hand, owners use advertisements as a easy way to deceive people, so nowadays, advertising is far from harmless. There are many people who were arrested from this kind of deceiving. Warner-Lambert was one of them. He was arrested by FBI in 2012 to lead some consumers to believe their product was an effective preventative for colds. This kind of problem is the worst side of misinformation, but this is not all of them. Sometimes misinformation is about the price of products. For example, you cannot find prices as same which you saw on TV. Sometimes this becomes people’s own mistakes because they know the laws against the false advertisements but in most cases, they don’t care about this and don’t want to bring a lawsuit. In the past year, one girl brought a lawsuit against one advertisement which is false advertisement and she could win compensation. In short, misinformation is the one of the disadvantages of advertising, so we must be more careful while getting information from advertisements. As I have discussed, there are advantages and disadvantages to the topic. However, I think that advertising facilitates our life, other think even it is not useful. In my view, the believing in all advertisements is our mistake because we can choose that which is false or which is true, only children cannot do this, but we can do it instead of them, so I will never be able to agree that advertising can affect badly or advertising has some disadvantages. I agree only with this that censorship rules should be much stricter. If these rules are much stricter, and people choose which is true, advertising will be able to help more than past.