AEC is established to promote regional economic integration. Its
establishment is expected to cover a huge market with $2.6 trillion benefitting
622 million people. Indeed, ASEAN was recorded as the third largest economy in
Asia while ranked at the seventh in the world.

            Meanwhile at the
non-state actor level, international cooperation between non-governmental
organizations is significantly important too. Generally, the cooperation is
aiming for enlarging and expanding the business to other countries. International
cooperation enables an organization to examine, to explore and involve in the
area as well as foreign market which they are not familiar with. For example,
codeshare agreement in the aviation industry. A codeshare agreement is the
aviation arrangement when two or more airlines are using the same flight.
Codeshare may exists under the following circumstances, (i) both airlines are flying
to the same route; (ii) when the flying destination is not covered by one of
the involving airline company and (iii) connecting flight. For airlines,
codeshare is beneficial as they can reduce the operational cost as only one
flight is needed instead of two since they are flying to the same destinations.
Therefore, codeshare is considered an example of international cooperation when
the involved airlines are from different countries.

            In short, state and
non-state actors are significantly important in establishing international
cooperation to achieve a common goal. The cooperation is not limited in
pursuing political power. Indeed, formation of international cooperation is
believed to bring prosper and contribute to sustainable economic growth.














3.4 Case Study: Inter-Excel
Advisory Sdn Bhd

Since the establishment of Inter Excel as a language
and training center in 1993, the company have been working hard on nurturing
young generations to prepare them into work life. With the realization of
increasing job opportunities in airline industry, the director decided to
introduce Airline Preparatory Course which managed to attract those who were
interested to join the airline industry. Since then, Inter Excel became the
trusted brand in providing training to flight attendants and airport ground

As the pioneer in flight attendant training in
Southeast Asia, developing human capital became one of the important tasks for the
organization. Thus, Inter Excel introduced another diploma course from Europe
which is endorsed by Irish Aviation Authority (IAA). The diploma course is a higher
qualification certificate as compared to FAPC. Due to the increasing
competition in the job market, the Irish Diploma is an advantage to the
teenagers who would like to join as flight attendant and airport ground staff.

the trusted training provider for flight attendants and airport ground staff, Inter
Excel managed to get the recognition from various local and international
airlines as they are satisfied with the professionalism of the students. Thus,
the international cooperation encourages Inter Excel to produce more skilled
students to prepare them to work in the airlines and airports.

            As an experienced
flight attendant training provider, Inter Excel was appointed as the agent for
flight attendant recruitment for Middle East-based airline. Inter Excel was
responsible for pre-recruitment procedures such as receiving resumes from local
and international applicants  and
conducting pre-screening to determine the qualification of the candidates
before sending them to the final stage of recruitment by the airline company
officials. The recruitment was running smoothly that Inter Excel received merit
from the airline company for providing wonderful assistance in the recruitment.

            Apart from the Middle
East-based airline, the airlines based in the neighboring Singapore appointed
Inter Excel as one of its agent for recruiting flight attendants. It has been
years since the Singapore-based airlines conducted their recruitment at Inter
Excel. With its strong international cooperation with various international
airlines and airports, some skilled and professional students are being
exported to join airline industry abroad.           

            As Inter Excel is
growing as one of the most successful cabin crew training providers, the
organization is facing a few threats and challenges when expanding the
cooperation with various local and international airlines. Firstly, with the
high turnover rate in the airline industry, Inter Excel is hardly producing sufficient
qualified and skilled personnel as the number of students enrolled in the
courses are limited. For Inter Excel, quality of the students is the main
concern of the training. Therefore, less than 30 students are placing in a
class to ease the training process as the trainers can easily identify the
strength and weakness of each students. Furthermore, students have to complete
their studies at Inter Excel before serving under airlines although they have
received job offers from airlines. There are times where the students of Inter
Excel are insufficient to join the airline interview sessions.

            Besides, limited capacity
of the learning center are affecting the organization in producing more trained
and skilled personnel. Currently, Inter Excel is operating at three major
cities which are Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Johor Bahru. The classes at Kuala
Lumpur is conducted in three rooms connecting to the Inter Excel office. Furthermore,
as mock interview is one of the assessment criteria for airline training
courses, the office at Kuala Lumpur is not spacious to support the group of
students for mock interview. Therefore, they have to move to another place to
conduct the assessment. With the two challenges, solutions are needed in order
to cope with the existing problems.

In the case of Inter Excel, the continuous
international cooperation is significantly important. Currently, Malaysia is
facing serious unemployment. According to the XXX, the unemployment in Malaysia
is recorded at the rate of XXX. Annually, Malaysia’s job market is flooded with
fresh graduates from various governmental and private universities and
colleges. At present, the available job opportunities are insufficient to
support these degree or diploma holders. With the demand is lower than supply
in job market, a lot of professions is facing a condition of over-supply. Furthermore,
the fresh graduates nowadays are very picky with the positions offered by the
organizations due to their academic qualification with further increase the
unemployment rate in Malaysia.


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