After the Reconstruction Constitution of 1869, a new constitution had to be created. This was because the new, sixth constitution wanted to prevent abuse of power like Edmund Davis did. This is because Davis, who was the governor, did some terrible things.

For example, the governor filled vacant government positions which means he filled them all. Since he was Republican, this allowed the Republican party to dominate all laws in Texas. He had the power to not pass any law that didn’t follow his values and beliefs. Similarly, registration to vote was done in front of judges that Davis had picked. A voter can be considered unacceptable if they were considered a different party (such as a Democrat).

 These were only some of Davis’ polices he enforced. Thankfully, the sixth constitution was created in order to prevent this unfairness to occur again.  In my opinion, the 1876 Constitution does not effectively address today’s issues. It has been amended many times, which makes it quite confusing for individuals to read and understand.

That being said, I think there will never be a perfect Constitution. America is constantly changing, so what may have been effective will only be so for a short period of time.  I think the Texas Constitution should be changed because it is no longer effective today. I would create a new once, because the current Constitution is confusing for many people due to the many changes to it. My main focus would be to add more rights to protect all citizens. After that, I would look at prominent issues to help further my ideas of a better Constitution.

  Texas’ current Constitution was designed to give citizens more control over the government, however there are low levels of turnout concerning amendments. This means that citizens do not really change the government, therefore meaning it doesn’t enhance the idea of a democracy.  The Bill of Rights is vital in the Constitution because of its role in individuals lives. The Bill of Rights are the first ten amendments in the United States Constitution. These amendments protect citizens rights. This means they are the basic foundation of all of Americas freedoms.  The Texas Constitution defines the type of power the government has and where the power lies. This means they limit government power.

 Limitations may be a reason the government cannot perform effectively, but there are other reasons as well. The limitations on government are necessary so there isn’t an issue with abuse of power. In my opinion, the government cannot perform effectively due to its choice of representatives and the citizens. There are low turnouts to citizen voting, yet we are quick to criticize those in government power. This issue needs to be fixed in order to go in the correct direction of creating an effective government.  


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