After 20 years of peace the world went to war for the Second time. World War I also facilitated the rise of Adolf Hitler and his Nazi party. Hitler soon emerged as a public speaker and began attracting new members, using with speeches that blame Jews for Germany’s problems and espousing extreme nationalism. Hostile approach of the Countries towards the communism of the Soviet Union was just another factor that helped lead to the war.

Later, that Nazi Government assumed dictatorial powers. Under the Nazi rule, in death caps there were countless thousands of Jews who died from malnutrition disease and overwork, or were executed.The word Holocaust derived from the Greek phrase, ‘sacrifices by fire’. By the 6 October, 1936, Hitler declared the isolation of all Jews. Jews were forced to wear the yellow star. The holocaust refers to the fiendish and systematic state sponsored assassination of six million Jews and millions of other social, religious, and ethnic groups in Europe by Nazi Germany, led by Adolf Hitler, during World War 2. Auschwitz was the largest camp established by the Germans. It was a convoluted of camps, including an extermination, concentration, and forced-labor camp.

It was located near Cracow Poland. Three large camps made the Auschwitz camp complex: Auschwitz I, Auschwitz II, and Auschwitz III. All opposition and socialists were ferociously suppressed by the Nazi party. Millions of Jews were forcibly transported to the labour camps and concentration camps where they died of hunger, illness and exhaustion.

Hundreds of thousands were delegated to gas chambers in which hydrogen cyanide gas was discharged, killing them within minutes            The World War 2 left a huge number of people in the stage of Trauma. The word Trauma, of Greek origin meaning “a wound”. The definition of Trauma in dictionary is “a stress or blow that may produce disordered feelings or behaviour” and “the state or condition produced by such a stress or blow”. In medical science, trauma is considered as the injuries caused by external sources. Trauma theory is developed from the cross-fertilization of psychology and humanities. Trauma varies according to the individual and subjective experiences. After making this movie Spielberg went through a psychological trauma.

The girl in the red coat also played a significant role in Schindler’s list. At the age of 11, she watched this movie and felt psychological trauma.The film Industry became an essential element in the war effort during World War II.

There are many war movies which portrayed the real events of World War II as well as fictionalized ones that took the nuances from historic event the powerful protagonist who is there to save the day, a typical male idol worship, extravagant action scenes which create a visual impact on the audience and make them marvel at the way they short the film. The exaggeration to inculcate patriotism in audience by portraying heroic elements leads to drifting away of Cinema from reality.Schindler’s list was adopted from the book Schindler’s Ark by Thomas Keneally that was published in Australia in 1982. The book is behind to be based on a true story as was total by Schindler’s friends Pfefferberg to Keneally on his last year. The Script analysis of this movie will not be complete without giving due attention to the iconic director Spielberg and the writer Steven Zaillian who were instrumental in creating this film of epic proportions.


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