After completing thetraining, I chose to work in Assembly Section in the Industrial Department. Mymain responsibility was to optimize the process of assembling and reduce thecycle time of the processes involved to achieve monthly CODO i.e. Cost Down.

Along with this, I was trained in the implementation of techniques such as 5S,Kanban, TPM and Lean Manufacturing. My activities along with the coordinationof shop floor workers developed my skills to design a lean environment andgained a lot of exposure to global manufacturing practices. I was the part ofthe projects which came under the Poka Yoke, aimed to cut short the cycle timeand hence increase productivity. I was also part of projects like Implementationof Single Piece Flow, Single Minute Exchange of Die, Work Instructions,Fixtures Validations etc. I also learned about the basic transactions of SAP.Operation Research highly intrigued me as I got a lot of practical experiencewhile handling the projects. This tenure of 14 monthsin the industry gave me a comprehensive view of Industrial Engineering andhence uplifted my interest in the same.

I have always excelledacademically and to corroborate my overall learning I took part in variousTechfest, Competitions and Technical Workshops to explore new horizons anddevelop personal skills. I presented papers on topics like 6 Stroke engines,Green Engine etc. I also hosted a Theme Technical Event of my college calledGreek age in which I lead a team of 40 Volunteers. I was also a part of SAE,India.

I initiated the BAJA, India in our college and was part of the BAJACollege team. I learned a lot of technical knowledge and most importantlyreal-life learnings to face challenges & difficulties, patience, perseverance,determination, and stability. These activities have incorporated a quality ofleadership and sense of responsibility in me and have made me a good teamplayer with better analytical mindset.   During all these years Ihave learned about optimal decision making and the modeling of deterministicand probabilistic systems. I now plan to gain in-depth information of thevarious optimization techniques applicable on a large scale where complex anduncertain conditions arise. Developing proficiency in programming languages, anexpertise in mathematical modeling, and an understanding of the uses andlimitations of commercial optimization and statistical software will add to myprofile. I also look at this program for refining my management skills andleadership qualities to assist me in planning, organizing and monitoring theresults.I have been reading aboutthe Research interests of Mehdi Behroozi in Computational Geometry, DataAnalytics, Robust Optimization & Mathematical Programming in which I aminterested in gaining thorough knowledge.

Also, his work in Resilient Systems hasaroused my interest in his Research work. Pursuing this program from youruniversity will help me in exploring the field in detail and provide me withthe desired knowledge. Hence my decision of applying to the NortheasternUniversity is driven by my aspiration to pursue a research career in the fieldof Industrial Engineering concentrating on Operation Research and this willhelp me accomplish my career goal of developing into an expert ManagementScientist.


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