AI (Artificial Intelligence) has been developed by humans for electrical devices like computers, smartphones and other electrical devices, in which these devices learn from their previous experiences with their users.IoT is the Internet of Things in which, multiple physical devices including home appliances, vehicles and other appliances embedded with an acquired software, sensors as they interact with each other by passing commands to each other by using NFC (Near Field Communication), Bluetooth and internet.In the 21st century, Scientists and Technologists have been aiming to combine these two components into one as a single system. Their aim is to embed learning and evolving of native systems of various devices for networking and effective communication amongst each other.AI’s involvement with IoT has currently been quite successful as many companies have tested out their luck by experimenting test models for their own satisfaction and to try to make some leap in technology by moving ahead of other competitors like for example Google has made its own test model Waymo.Waymo is a car comprised on AI and IoT as of they have combined both of these components.

This car uses 360 degree cameras to observe nearby objects. As runned tests the Waymo has performed pretty well as it does not require a driver to be in the driving seat as the car drives by itself, amazingly it will use Google Maps to take directions the first time and then after that if he continues to travel to the same spot more than 1 time it will remember the directions and hence won’t require to take directions everytime from Google Maps it goes somewhere. This is due to the AI present in the car.

As of the IoT present in it, the different components of the car like the exterior 360 degree camera on its roof. The sensors that are embed in it include heat sensitive sensors, as well as using the camera to observe the surrounding like if for example if a cyclist is coming from the right side and he signals that he has to move towards the left the current path of which the car is travelling on, so the car will start to lower it’s speed and allow it to move across lanes. This is how it will react to humans who will try to cross a road and other scenarios in which human factor is involved. The car just needs just a one time experience to memorize anything that will be needed for future events due to AI present alongside with Google’s modern day advanced technologies.Artificial intelligence will be functionally necessary to wield the vast number of connected “things” online, and will be even more important in making sense of an almost endless sea of data streamed in from these devices.


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