Al-Musanna choose Dawood Engineering Consultancy company problem

Al-Musanna College of Technology

ACT Department
of Business Studies

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Strategic Management

Semester 1







































In the
introduction I would like to clarify that the strategy of any organization must
be a priority and effective in avoiding losses and problems in order to be a
profit and growth project is present in the company and this is what all
organizations aimed. Companies’s choice of strategy ensures you profit and
avoid losses by exploiting the active activities in the company and avoiding
any  work or activity which is not
beneficial or causes great risk to the company.




Company introduction:


JSA Oman was
set up in 1975 by John Snellgrove B.Arch FRIBA and Sultanate was one of the
longest continually operational architectural practices in the.

In 1998, in
accordance with the Royal Decree No. 120/94, Arch. Dawood Al Futaisi (Ex.
Director of Building Permits – Muscat Municipality) joined in as the Omani
partner and the practice was re-launched as John Snellgrove & Dawood
Engineering Consultancy. Later on, in early 2003 as a result of restructuring,
the practice was fully omanised and started operating as Dawood Engineering
Consultancy with Arch. Dawood Al Futaisi as the director. As the result of
growing up & development, company expanded and opened a branch at Sohar in
mid of 2006.






Why we choose Dawood Engineering Consultancy

problem ?

Contctraing & Engineering Consultancy will choose for our assignment  because we are familiar with it and one of
our family work in it. The company’s chief executive officer is Dawood
Al-Futtaisi, and the head office in Muscat. The big mistake that is taking
place in their strategy of this company is to adopted on the number to cover
the big amount of work and they not focus in the quality, which caused many
problems between the workers because of the lack of good culture and ethics of
the employees, and also in the field of work in decreasing productivity because
of fast recruiting that lead to lack of skills and experience needed.


suggested strategy :

The strategy
we propose is the stability strategy to detect errors caused by fast recruiting
and to make it polarize in the company’s needs only. And looking for solutions
that support the company with workers with the capabilities required to achieve
the objectives through the resources available in the company, then, we collect
the profits from the previous amendment. Next, we aspire and apply the growth
strategy by raising the level of work and the potential of workers by training
them and preparing them for professional work.


Conclusion :

Planning to
an effective strategy is important for each organization because it is guided
to the right work and avoid mistakes. It is usually follow several steps
planning and implementing the plan after that, measuring and evaluating the
work and provide the results and last step correcting all mistake that happened
in the plan that lead to enhanced work. All these steps lead to the success and
profit of the company.