Alexis Pati Pati 1Mrs. HayAP Language and Composition27 January 2017Current Event Day 1 sea turtles have been on the Endangered Species List since 1970.

Their survival rate is extremely low due to the fact that they are faced with incredible challenges the minute they are born. Like many species of turtle leatherbacks produce over 100 eggs per nest, but untowardly, many of these eggs are eaten by predators before they even get the chance to hatch. Another obstacle is that the majority of hatchlings that succeed in making it out of the nest are eaten by predators on the beach or in the ocean before they are are one week old. A nest of 100 eggs of turtles will most likely produce no more than one or two adults. Since the creation of the Endangered Species Act in 1973, only 1 percent of the species that has ever been listed have actually been delisted.

That is why I find it so fascinating that the world’s largest turtle – the leatherback – may be removed from the list of endangered species. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration received a petition from the Blue Water Fishermen’s Association asking for leatherback sea turtles to be listed as a threatened species, but not endangered. The gigantic reptiles would still remain protected under federal law, but their status would not be as prominent. NOAA officials stated that the agency has reviewed the petition carefully and found “substantial scientific and commercial information” that the move may be warranted.

The agency now has eight months to make a decision about the status of the sea turtles.It would be a catastrophic idea to list the leatherback sea turtles as a threatened species rather than endangered. Based off of the statistics provided in the article, the turtle’s overall population size is not yet sufficient enough to remain stable in such a diverse ecosystem. The NOAA should veto the petition from the Blue Water Fishermen’s Association because of the fact that once the leatherbacks are moved to the threatened list, it will not take long for them to be back on the endangered list. Turtles are a magnificent species that should be protected at all costs.


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