Alhely Bautista Period 2AMs. Brown Cyrano de Bergerac Written Assignment           In the play Cyrano de Bergerac by Edmond Rostand , the conflict between beauty and truth is expressed through Irony. External appearances are outweighed by the Internal. Cyrano de Bergerac is about two men , Christian and Cyrano, together they make Roxane fall in love. Cyrano is a self conscious man with a big nose.

He happens to be a tremendous wordsmith. Christian on the other hand is as good at words , as cats are good with water,   But Christian is a handsome man. Both of them in love with Roxanne. Christian asks for Cyrano’s help and so they team up to win Roxane over . With Christians good looks and Cyrano’s words. Roxane falls in love with Christian . It is ironic that Christian’s good looks makes Roxane interested in him when really she craves more than a pretty face .

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It is also ironic that Cyrano being the ” ugly one” is always hiding from Roxane and is what she actually wants — a beautiful soul and suave wordsmith. Edmond greatly intertwined irony into the play, situational irony,  dramatic irony etc. This makes us feel more involved and interested in the story. We know their secrets, we know who is lying to who.

This is great because we feel a certain way about everything yet there’s no way for us to communicate with the characters . The irony in this play is significant to understanding the characters.          In this play Cyrano and Christian decide to work together when they realize that together they would form an ideal or “perfect” man.”Christian: I need eloquence, and I have none!Cyrano: I’ll lend you mine! Lend me your conquering physical charm, and together we’ll form a romantic hero!Christian: What do you mean?Cyrano: Do you feel capable of repeating what I tell you every day?Christian: Are you suggesting . . .Cyrano: Roxane won’t be disillusioned!Together, we can win her heart! Will you let my soul pass from my leather jerkin and lodge beneath your embroidered doublet?” (Act 2 scene 10).Cyrano writes Roxane a letter and the illusions and the irony begins.

This plan that they begin is far from perfect, Cyrano and Christian can not be together at all times. Christian grows confidence about speaking to Roxane alone and fails miserably. Cyrano swoops in and helps Christian in a difficult situation. “Roxane:To-night..

.Your words are hesitant. Why?Cyrano: (imitating Christian-in a whisper)As there’s no light,they weave around in the shadows to find your ear.Roxane: For my words no such difficulties appear.”(Act 3 scene 7).Roxane ironically does not realize she is talking to the person who she is actually in love with. Instead she believes she’s talking to Christian. Here we see first  how difficult the plan can be considering they are completely two different people.

Here I stayed hoping Roxane would notice that it was actually Cyrano talking to her, she does not. She accepts Christians excuse.          Cyrano being as suave with words as he is makes Roxane fall in love using Christian as a mask . Instead of Cyrano being brave enough to talk to Roxane he lets Christian take his words and use them as his own. With this Roxane soon falls in love with Christian and admits to him how serious her love is.”You lost your beauty . .

.Christian:you’d love me ugly?Roxane:Ugly, I swear it!Christian aside: There!Now are you happy, darling?Christian almost choking: Yes. Excuse meJust for a moment.

(Act 4, scene 8)This is completely ironic. Being completely lied to Roxane falls for him so hard she grows as a person and no longer cares for his looks, instead she realizes she is on love with him as a person. Who is actually Cyrano. This ironic because at this point Roxane admits she no longer cares about looks, which is why Cyrano was scared in the first place. Being rejected because of his nose is what caused him to hold back and now Roxane confirms she no longer cares about external appearance. Christian is also hurt in this scene for he also realizes that the love Roxane has is for Cyrano and not. Roxane loves him not for his looks but for who he is. Christian admits to himself  that it is Cyrano’s words that made her fall in love.

He cannot be with Roxane without Cyrano.. Christian admits this to Cyrano so cyrano goes to talk to Roxane.”Cyrano:You’d love him just the same?Roxane: And more, perhaps.

Cyrano: to himself:It is true! God! Is this my chance?To herRoxane . . .Le Bret rushes on.Le Bret : sotto voce:Cyrano: . . .Cyrano: turning to him What is it?Le Bret: Shh! He whispers to Cyrano.

Cyrano in anguish: Too late!”(Act 4, scene 10). This is one of the most heartbreaking scenes, two tragedies in one, just when Cyrano is about to confess to Roxane he is told of the news of Christians death. After the death of his friend he will no longer be a lie to confess for that would be like betrayal and dishonor to his now dead friend.          The greatest irony in the play is in Roxane’s discovery of Cyrano being the one whom she loves. “How can you see to read?Cyrano starts, turns round, sees her so close to him, trembles, lowers his head.

A long pause. Then, slowly, clasping her hands, Roxane speaks.Roxane: For fourteen yearsYou’ve played the old friend, come to amuse me .

. .Cyrano:No Roxane!Cyrano : No, Roxane, no!”(Act 5, scene 5)Roxane finally discovers that her true love was alway Cyrano. She realizes that she had been tricked and Christian was just a mask for Cyrano’s words that she had fell in love with. This causes ñimmense sadness for the reader because we have known all along and now that Cyrano is dying, it is too late for them.

After all these years the truth has finally come out and there’s nothing anYone can do about Cyrano dying. Also at this time we are reminded of Christians death and we feel sadness for Cyrano and Roxanne for losing a lover and friend. Roxane suffers the most at this point in time “never loved but one man in my life, and I have lost him twice.”( Act 5 scene 6 ).

Although sad this is also ironic, ironic that the secret is revealed too late. There is no longer any time for anything and Roxane will now be alone to deal with and grieve  the death of the two men who she loved immensely.           In conclusion , Cyrano de Bergerac is a play filled with irony that helps express the idea that what counts is on the inside not always on the outside .In this play we learn not to base ourselves on appearance instead do some serious soul searching . Learn to get to know people. And not hold back because of our appearance. Cyrano should have had the courage to talk to Roxane.

Roxane should have known it was Cyrano all along and not Christian. So many things are ironic and sad about this play, still that’s what makes this a great play and absolute page turner.


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