All the largest ancient city besides the Kshipra

All Heritage
sites have more than one important story to tell about their history; the way
they were constructed or destroyed, the people who lived there etc. Ujjain is
the largest ancient city besides the Kshipra River in Ujjain district of the Indian
state of Madhya pradesh. Is an important Hindu pilgrimage destination. Ujjain is
famous for political, cultural, commercial center of India. Ujjain has vast
religious character. It is famous for simhastha kumbh-mella. So many Hindu mythologies
connected with kumbh mahaparv. Ujjain is famous for its temple. It is also famous
for Mahakaleshwar temple, towering structure with an ornate roof. Temple is chosen
for thesis because it’s a key attraction point in the whole city and the main
axle for the city. City shaped by kshipra river, Rudrasagar Lake. Central core
of the city is still heart of the urban agglomeration. Thesis identifies the
center of historic core.

 Mahakaleshwar temple, Ujjain

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Temple is famous for counted
among 12 famous jyotirlingas of lord Shiva. As the deity (shivlinga) in the
temple faces south direction, the deity is also known as dakshinmurti. This is a unique feature, upheld by the tantric shivnetra tradition to
be found only in Mahakaleshwar among the 12 jyotirlingas. The lord is also called
mahakal and as per a mythological belief, people who enjoys darshan of mahakal
can avoid ‘akaal mrityu’ (i.E. Death in a small age due to accident or fatal
disease). The temple is located near the Rudrasagar Lake.

On the day of maha shivaratri, a huge fair
is held near the temple, and worship goes on through the night. The Mahakal Van site
is projected to be a node of various cultural, religious and urban activities.
The Temple and its spill over have a proposal of mela ground, yearly
congregation spaces, interpretation center and many more. The combined proposal
is projected to create a activity centre and will provide an improved image of the
religious character of Ujjain city, against the pilgrims.