“Alright, I’ll see you around Mr. President, thank you for hosting such a marvelous inaugural ball,” Theodore Rockwell exclaimed with a charming, yet fake smile. He then turned around and began descending down the steps of the White House towards his polished, black limousine. A U.S.

Capitol Police officer greeted Theodore, who then opened the back door of the vehicle and ushered Rockwell inside. As the officer closed the door, the door on the opposite side simultaneously popped opened. His beautiful wife, Jackie Rockwell, appeared and was making her way inside of the vehicle. After she was seated, Theodore informed the driver to take them to the Capitol Building, for the Rockwell’s had much work to accomplish. The driver immediately started the limousine and drove in the direction of the Capitol Building. “Isn’t Washington D.

C. so mysterious at night?” Jackie asked, trying to create conversation. All he did was slowly nod, for he was in no mood to talk at that moment, and his wife was well aware of that. Theodore was originally promised the position of Secretary of Defense in newly elected President Weaver’s administration. The President quickly reneged on that promise, because he realized that Theodore would be of better assistance pushing the President’s legislative agenda in his incumbent position of Senate Majority Leader. Theodore took this betrayal very personally. From that point forward, the Rockwell’s decided that it was time to sever all allegiances, toss the rules out the window, and embark on a ruthless rise to power. Theodore, a white-haired ruthless pragmatist born and raised in Alabama, was a manipulative and conniving force in Washington that no one would dare double cross.

Blackmail, intimidation, and his own ambition were the weapons that he used to get whatever he wanted. On the other hand, Jackie, a black-haired respected political strategist, was just as shrewd and unscrupulous as her husband. Therefore, it was quite apparent that they made the perfect team.”Why did we stop?” Theodore asked, following the limousine coming to a sudden stop.The driver responded jokingly about the traffic, “Yeah, it appears that the stereotype that men are bad drivers is proving itself, but we can take a detour—if that is alright with you, sir.” Theodore chortled in agreement and exclaimed, “Good one! Do whatever it takes to get us there fastest.”Soon enough, they had arrived at the Capitol Building. As the Rockwell’s stepped out of their limousine, the fresh, crisp air filled their nostrils.

After taking a brief moment to gaze at the historical, grand building, they both began to walk towards the building in a syncopated rhythm. After stepping inside the central rotunda, known as the Capitol Building’s “symbolic and physical heart, they proceeded towards Theodore’s office located in the north wing of the Capitol Building.”I did not expect to see you both here this late at night!” Junior Senator Walters exclaimed in surprise as he saw the Rockwell’s passing by.”Why hello there Senator, nice to see you,” Theodore responded.

“Hey, great work on that immigration reform bill, you truly worked hard on that. I was happy to see it pass committee.””Thank you, sir, it means a lot coming from you,” replied Senator Walters with an ecstatic and thankful look in his eyes.As ruthless and corrupt as Theodore was on the inside, he was still an extremely respected and well-known figure in politics on the outside. Many people looked up to him, and his colleagues had nothing but positive remarks about him. He even had much support from his home state of Alabama, and nationally as well.

This showed how skilled he was in hiding his true intentions and thoughts.Theodore finally spotted his office at the end of the hall. Next to the large wooden door was the rich, cherry wood name plate, which was engraved with gold letters that read, “Office of Senate Majority Leader Theodore Rockwell.” As the Rockwell’s entered the sizable office, Theodore ran his fingers across the cold surface of the door name plate with an angry facial expression.

It was time to get to business.Theodore and his wife decided to discuss and lay out a several-step revenge plan to take the administration down. This involved backchanneling and playing administration officials and certain congressional members with Theodore’s twisted southern charm, leaking stories of their targets to news outlets, and threatening impeachment articles. The execution of this plan would take time and a whole lot of risk, but the Rockwell’s knew it was necessary.After a good night’s rest, the Rockwell’s were ready to get to work. Their first target was Vice President Clarke.

This was going to entail digging through his past for a story to leak to the news media that would damage his reputation and force him to resign (or inevitably face impeachment). After a few days of searching through his lengthy past, they finally found a story that would work just fine. Back when Vice President Clarke was the U.S. Secretary of State, he illegally gave out national security clearance-level information with the Chinese government, in order to earn their trust, for he was intending to run for president. Leaking this information would ensure that the Vice President would be forced to resign, or else he would surely be impeached and removed from office. Not only that, but it would allow Theodore Rockwell to grab the vice presidency.

The next day, the booming voice of a reporter on the television declared, “We have breaking news. Leaked evidence has mysteriously surfaced of Vice President Clarke sharing classified information with the Chinese government for personal gain. More to come as the story develops.” The Rockwell’s couldn’t help but celebrate after hearing the news.”Poor, poor Clarke. What a pity!” gloated Theodore sarcastically.”This is too bad, he had such a bright future,” retorted Jackie.Thankfully, the President, who had absolutely no idea that Theodore was behind all of that, had spare time to meet with him.

At this point, Theodore asked what the President was going to happen to his Vice President.”This most recent news is truly shocking and shameful,” President Weaver stated with great sadness. “There is nothing favorable that I can do except to ask for his resignation.

This is a huge blow, Rockwell.””I am well aware, Mr. President. I was shocked to hear this news about your right-hand man,” Theodore lied. “Now you have a big decision to make: who will be the next Vice President of the United States, sir?”President Weaver replied, “Ever since the story broke, my advisors and I have been looking at a list of possible candidates. It appears that you are at the top of my list, and have already been vetted.

Listen, Rockwell, you have always been loyal to me, and have always been a true friend of mine. How would you like to be the next Vice President of the United States?”Theodore happily replied, “It would be an honor, Mr. President. I would gladly serve alongside you. Thank you.

“The following night, the television flashed, “More breaking news: Senate Majority Leader Theodore Rockwell has been nominated to be the next U.S. Vice President, following the resignation of now former Vice President Clarke. Mr. Rockwell has already been sworn-in privately at the Old Senate Chamber, and is ready to get to work for the American people.”Theodore was then in the perfect position to take down the President.

He was so close to the presidency that he could almost taste it. The Rockwell’s agreed that it was time for the final stage of their plan. This stage was the most sinister of them all.President Weaver and Vice President Rockwell were down in Texas meeting with and speaking to millennial voters at an outdoor rally. Both of the men could feel the warm heat from the sun, followed by a gentle breeze. The air smelled of sweet barbeque and fresh fruit (which made Theodore a bit hungry). It was the perfect day. All of a sudden, a series of incredibly loud gunshots rang out! In that moment of utter terror, the Secret Service tackled and subdued the shooter, as well as used their bodies as shields for the President and the Vice President, while others were screaming, crying, and running away from the horrific scene.

The President, still, had been shot multiple times. In the end, he suffered fatal injuries from the first gunshot to his head. Everybody else escaped uninjured. This was clearly a well-organized assassination.

As Theodore was being escorted away from the scene, he managed to spot Jackie being escorted into a different vehicle. As she turned her head around and spotted him, he slyly shot her an evil smirk and mouthed something unrecognizable, though she knew exactly what he was thinking. Soon afterward, the story broke and was all over the news.

Because President Weaver died, that meant that, in accordance with the Presidential Succession Act, Theodore was then ready to be sworn-in as Acting President of the United States.”I, Theodore Rockwell, do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. So help me God.”As Acting President Theodore Rockwell looked out at the crowd of cheering (and clueless) people, he boldly muttered to himself, “Now the real fun begins, America.”


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