America’s As the U.S. entered WWII, everyone wanted

America’s favorite pastime, Baseball, was greatly affected
by the U.S. entering the war.  At one point, people though baseball would
be suspended.  As the U.S. entered WWII, everyone wanted to support their
country, so people volunteered for the military.  This affected all jobs,
including sports.  Many baseball players decided to quit their teams and
high paying salaries to go and fight in the war.  Famous baseball players
such as Joe DiMaggio, Hank Greenberg, Bob
Feller, etc. all went to fight in the war.  Even factories that made
sports equipment switched gears and started to produce war supplies.  For
the players that did not enlist, people tended to look down upon them because
they felt that players were in great condition to fight.  Some people went
as far as saying that baseball should be suspended during the war time so more
players could enlist.  So, Baseball had a dilemma, should they continue
playing or shut down during the war.  The Sporting News decided to ask military
members for their opinion.
  President Franklin D. Roosevelt also received a letter from the
commissioner of baseball, Kenesaw Mountain Landis.  Landis wanted to know
if Roosevelt thought baseball should be suspended.  Roosevelt had a love
for baseball, so when he got this letter he wrote back right away saying,   He also
elaborated saying that people need baseball to take their minds off the
hardships of work and war.  Even though FDR said baseball does not have to
be suspended, there were still some critics that disagree. Many thought that
the players were trying to avoid going to the war.  FBI director J. Edgar
Hoover disproved those claims and said that the FBI would have reports of
players avoiding the war, but they don’t.  Overall, Baseball went through
a rough patch by having a lot of their talent go to war, but in the end the
sport would prevail, as many people supported the game.  After all,
Baseball is known as America’s favorite pastime.