Amy Vargas-DiazOshidaPeriod 619 January, 2017A Little Can Do A Lot  Have you ever thought of a world without poverty and what it would look like? Many individuals in today’s society believe that poverty is just a natural part of life. However, poverty does not occur, it is created.

In addition, without the needed help many people lack basic necessities. Donating to The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) will help over 29 million children in need of the basic needs like proper housing and sanitation, adequate water, education, and health, to eventually stop world poverty. This could potentially increase the quality of life and happiness worldwide. Why should we care? I believe as humans on this planet we are all somehow connected to one another.

Nearly 29 million children worldwide live below the poverty line, being just below $2.00 a day (“No Poverty: Why It Matters”). With not much of an income, many of these kids do not get the basic necessities needed for their everyday life.

The inconsistency in our economic growth is very important, this does not just cause conflicts amongst one another but it also causes tension and instability (“No Poverty: Why It Matters”).Tension and instability do not just affect the countries in extreme poverty, it also affects others in different countries. This prevents us from growing economically and can harm bonds that other countries have.  Also, helping these children will help us one day achieve a world without poverty.

Why is it important to target the children first when combating poverty? Because reducing the poverty rate starts with children. Right now more than 29 million kids are growing up in extreme poverty, not in Africa or Southern Asia but in the world’s richest countries (“UNICEF Research and Reports”). This is due to to the gap in income between the wealthy and the rest of us as middle class. By helping the children first, the gap between the wealthy and the rest of us will decrease in future generations. Donating to any foundation or charity supporting worldwide poverty helps, but UNICEF is a reputable foundation that has helped save more lives of children than any other organizations. The United Nations Children’s Fund helps more 190 countries and territories (“Charity Navigator- UNICEF”).  In South Sudan, two-year-old Maria was admitted to a UNICEF supported center suffering from malnutrition.

Not too long after she had made a full recovery (“Maria’s Long Journey to Health”).This is just one story, there are thousands of more stories of UNICEF providing the resources needed to save children’s lives. UNICEF also helps change children’s lives, protect their rights and helps achieve their potentials (“What We Do.”).

We all have rights and so do children. The kids all over the world suffering from hunger, proper housing and sanitation, adequate water, education, and health need a voice to speak up for them. 


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