An American Hero is someone who puts others before themselves and does good deeds throughout his or hers home life and community. Also someone who has a positive impact on on a person or a group of individuals. Someone to look up to and follow in their footsteps.Tyrus Raymond Cobb or Ty Cobb was born on December 18, 1886 in Narrows Georgia . Ty Cobb grew up not far from Narrows in Royston. Cobb was the eldest of three children and found a love for baseball early on. Cobb played for the Roystons Rompers and in 1904 joined the  minor league Agusta Tourist.

Then in 1905 Cobb’s mother shot his father after mistaking him for a burglar. She was then convicted of manslaughter and sent to jail. In less than a month the Tourist sold Cobb to the Detroit Tigers in the American league. He was nicknamed the Georgia Peach and by 1906 he was on his was to having one of the best careers in Major League history.

Tyrus Cobb was on his way to a booming career when in 1907 he earned a first of twelve batting records. Then in 1909 Ty won the “triple crown” by topping the AL in home runs, batting average, and RBI’s ( Runs Batted In ).  His stats for earning the “triple crown” where 9  home runs, .377 batting average, and 107 RBI’s. Tyrus Cobb had his best season in 1911 when he set personal best with 248 hits, 147 run, 127 RBI’s, and an outstanding batting average of .420. Ty Cobb had no equal he was a machine of his own with his split grip battle hold which gave expert control. He was an insane base runner as well but the burning flame inside him that pushed him to greatness often showed its true colors when in 1912 during a game Cobb rushed the stands and beat a heckler who was crippled.

Cobb then continued his career with the Tigers but took on the duel position as head coach. He suddenly announced his retirement in 1926 and soon after it was revealed that Ty Cobb and Cleveland Indians star Tris Speaker had been accused of fixing games. In luck Commissioner Kenesaw Mountain Landis exonerated the two players in early 1927 and Ty returned to play. Ty Cobb signed with the Philadelphia Athletics, and spent two seasons with them and then finally retired for good in 1928. Cobb left the sport as an all time leader in dozens of categories. Lastly when groups of writers gathered in 1936 to elect the inaugural group of players going into the Hall of Fame. Cobb was names on the highest percent of ballots.

In later years of his life Tyrus Cobb enjoyed his life as being rich after successfully investing Coca-Cola, and General Motors. Even as he was known for surliness, he was greatly generous with his wealth. Cobb decided to build a hospital in Royston and even establish the Cobb Educational Fund. Ty Cobb later died of prostate cancer on July 17, 1961 in Atlanta Georgia.

He was eventually ranked number three of one hundred top baseball players in history in 1998. Cobbs legacy will last forever even as many of his storied records have fallen but batting average remains unchallenged.


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