an life which has led to rapid development

an introduction:


Volunteerism and the
extent of its involvement are a symbol of the progress and prosperity of
nations. As the nation progresses and progresses, its citizens become
increasingly engaged in charity work. Engaging in voluntary work is also a
requirement of contemporary life which has led to rapid development and
development in all fields.

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The complexity of
social life, the development of living conditions and the rapid social,
economic, security and technological changes dictate new situations and
conditions that governments sometimes are unable to cope with. Which calls for
concerted efforts of all official and popular society to face this reality and
these situations. Hence the role of active voluntary action and support for
official efforts.


The increasing demand
for social services is becoming a challenge for governments, which requires the
support of the official system

– The absence of

– When a volunteer
voluntarily provides his / her time and services, his / her performance is
considered to be better than paid employees.


On a sunny day I went
out to one of the buildings under construction and took water and some cold
drinks with me. I started distributing them to the workers. I felt that they
were human beings like us and we should not differentiate between them and
treat them equally. And their happiness when I appreciated and treated them
with kindness, and what I wanted to do this thing to rejoice and introduce
happiness in their hearts.

And began to talk to
one of them by asking about the situation and this is what has taken place
between us:

I: Salam alaikoum, how
are you, my brother?

Worker: Hello, I’m fine
how are you

Me: I’m fine thank God,
how do you work here

Worker: Everything is
fine. Thank you for your question

Then the worker told me: why people look at us with contempt and as
if we are not human beings.

When I heard and asked
saddened affected and I told him: there is no difference between us and we are
all creatures of clay and God is not seen the physical level of the human being
and is seen but the manners and all of us are equal in God’s work and is not a
defect defect that you extend your hands to people.

This is what happened
and the worker really saddened me.


Experience has shown that
some official bodies can’t  achieve all
the goals of development plans without the effective voluntary participation of
citizens and NGOs that can play an active role in development processes due to
their flexibility and speed of decision-making. Therefore, modern countries
have taken care of this aspect to address the problems of the times and
overcome many of the emergency conditions in a wonderful system of alliance and
solidarity between the government sector and the private sector.

Volunteerism is an
important foundation for the building and development of societies, the
promotion of the awareness of solidarity and interdependence among all its
members. It is also a humanitarian act that has made a strong connection to the
highest levels of goodness, giving and good work in all societies throughout
mankind. The human being – because of the same person and his choice without
coercion or coercion and without waiting for material compensation – which
exceeds the benefit of the same person to the benefit of others, either by
bringing benefit to them or away from them corrupting, whether physical or
mental or financial effort. Prepare Voluntary work is common to humanity as a
whole, as all people love charity and do not disagree with its virtues and the
virtues of its members in all their religions and countries.

expresses a high sense of responsibility of individuals towards their social
environment and towards humanity in general. It demonstrates the extent to
which a person can make a positive impact on the lives of others without
waiting for any material or moral consideration. Which express the sympathy of
man with his fellow human, and the ability of societies to devise ways to help
those who need it.

worldwide is witnessing more development and maturation of methods and
methodologies on a continuous basis with the advent of networking methodologies
at the supranational levels, to the extent that we are witnessing many
voluntary global bodies operating in different parts of the world. In the
United Arab Emirates, volunteering is part of the cultural and social fabric of
the state. Volunteering is a common practice in the UAE society before the
establishment of the state, and this work was gained after the state gave great
official attention at the level of leadership and at various governmental and
civil levels. During the past years many voluntary bodies and associations.

awards, such as the Sharjah Award for Volunteerism and other awards, are a
catalyst for this sector for further growth and expansion. The volunteer,
though offering his work without asking for any fee, is determined to do more
work and when he feels the size of his appreciation Society will seek more and
more giving.

UAE experience in volunteering has many aspects that deserve to be highlighted
in more than one place. Therefore, this seminar aims at introducing the UAE
volunteer work and how to develop it by reviewing the following topics:

The reality of volunteerism in the United Arab Emirates.

The most important challenges facing volunteerism in the UAE.

– Ways
to develop and promote UAE volunteerism

is a comprehensive concept for all that is best for others. All groups are
intended, from the close to the general community. Make sure that you put the
most beautiful impressions with each category, and the good deeds related to
this door righteousness to parents and relatives and diversify the faces of
charity to them. Care for the poor, the poor, the widows and vulnerable groups,
the honor of the guest, visiting the sick and alleviating their suffering, and
helping the people of debt to pay their debts, establishing friendships on the
values ??of brotherhood and solidarity, cooperation with coworkers, Experiences
with them, and teamwork.

voluntary work has many positive repercussions at all levels, and it is
beneficial to the volunteers and those who are targeted to it and to the
society as a whole, and benefits from reward and reward from God, and to
provide for the psychological needs of the person and to provide him with
comfort, happiness

tranquility; Compassion and compassion, and the consolidation of moral values
??and principles in society, which enhance its vitality and positive, and
promote it materially and morally, the life of nations by its principles and
achievements, and activate the energies of society and investment, and mobilize
efforts and fate Social and public service, contributing to sustainable
economic development, providing individuals with the expertise and scientific
and practical skills to benefit from them in the future, and raising the level
of thinking and self-promotion. Volunteering is a great opportunity for
self-improvement. Tracks of noble qualities.

should be noted that these motives vary according to the conditions of society.
In developed societies, individuals are involved in volunteer work for social
motives, mostly to achieve success in dealing with other individuals, spreading
social awareness and gaining social value. While it is very different when
compared to developing societies, where the basic motivations of individuals
are related to two things, the first is linked to certain cultural and
religious values ??and principles, or the possibility of achieving a certain
benefit for the volunteer from the project.