– To coordinate with design team
and review the coordinated shop drawings based on IFC and make necessary
corrections/adjustments as per site condition and project specification. During
this period of coordination my role was to study the IFC drawings and site
where the construction would begin. In addition to this, coordination with
civil engineers was required to develop a builder’s layout drawing prior to construction
of sheer walls, retaining walls, raft structure, columns and slabs to ensure
that the mechanical sleeves and box out openings are installed in reinforcement
with steel structure prior to casting of concrete. These mechanical sleeves and
box out openings would serve for the through penetration services of MEP. The
sleeves size is usually one size larger than the service penetrating through it
and the excess opening is sealed off using a fire sealant. Simultaneously, my
scope of work included the reviewing of Material submittals and work method
statements and make necessary corrections/comments based on the project
specification and related standards. These documents then would be submitted to
supervision consultant of the project for their final review and approval. Once
approved, procurement team would procure the materials based on the approved
material submittals and ensure the delivery of the materials to site. When
material arrives to the site, my role as QC Inspector comes in to check the make,
model and supplier of the material is as per the approved material submittals
and vendor list. After making sure the material is appropriate and approved
one, I would raise Material Inspection request to the supervision consultant
and coordinate with them for the approval of the same prior to its use in site.
During construction / installation of the mechanical services and equipments,
my role was to monitor and supervise the installation as per the approved
drawings and manufacturer’s recommendation. 


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