Animal been man’s best friend for thousands of

Animal Welfare and a True Hero


Dogs have been man’s best friend for thousands of years. They are sweet, innocent, and kind. Having grown up with a dog, I feel the remarkable connection apparent between both humans and animals. Dogs love, cry, and share the very same emotions that we possess. Sadly and terribly, there are people in Asia torturing and consuming dogs. This is such a large problem that after running numerous tests The Humane Society came to the estimated conclusion that 30 million dogs are slaughtered in Asia every year. The practice of eating dogs has been a tradition in some parts of Asia for hundreds of years. In fact, they foolishly and imprudently believe that tortured dog meat possesses more health benefits than regular dog meat. Both of these circumstances are absolutely horrible.

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As the common saying goes, “not all heroes wear capes”. Marc Ching, a small business owner, and animal lover, not only helps dogs in America but goes out of his way to save dogs’ lives in Asia. Marc owns “The Petstaurant”, a restaurant for dogs that offers proper nutrition. He also runs the Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation, which rescues abused and injured animals in the Los Angeles area. So far Marc has saved over 300 dogs and this is how he does it. Marc has a friend in Asia who introduces him as a rich American looking to import dog meat into the U.S. This convinces slaughterhouses to let him see everything that they’re doing and ultimately persuades them into giving him free dogs as “Samples”. This is a dangerous job as Marc typically has to travel to the very dangerous parts of Asia. On Marc’s most recent venture to Cambodia, he was unfortunately hospitalized; Marc saw a man dismember a live dog and couldn’t control his rightful emotions and kicked him in the face. Marc has also been shot at and even held at machete’s point. 


Marc has experienced so many terrible things. He talks about how he watched dogs hanging, being burnt and boiled alive and as he states, “The worst of all was the Crucifixion of live dogs”, “It killed me inside”.


All of these dramatic and terrible experiences led Marc to no longer feel capable of these ventures. He wakes up from nightmares and thinks about all of the lives that he hasn’t saved. However, Marc never seems to give up and is still fighting till this very day.

To conclude, the idea of eating dogs alone is terrible but when combined with torture, no words can describe that inhumanity. Marc Ching records videos of his terrible experiences. His ultimate goal is to continue saving lives and to hopefully change the Asian government’s mind for the better.



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