Another of class. Also, girls held the higher

Another research which was
focused on statistics, was prepared by Clark and Douglas (2011), gave an
extensive research regarding young people’s reading and writing with the focus
of leisure, attitudes and behavior concerning reading. Many key factors were
taken from the the 17,089 students from 112 schools that participated in the
surveys given to test out the factors. Like the previous research, girls were
seen to read more than boys outside of class. Also, girls held the higher
percentage of agreeing that links between reading and success in life and
studies exist. However, both genders agreed that links between the two do exist
in a significant manner. Students reading frequency differed with age, ethnic
background, gender and other properties. Girls preferred to read fiction, plays
and poems, when boys leaned towards comic books, newspapers and manuals. These
were some of the statistics given out of the widespread questionnaires handed
out in big numbers across England.