Apply therapeutic communication on his familyActive listening is crucial during the communication.

It is more than just listening, but trying to understand clients’ feelings. Besides, using open-ended questions can encourage them to express their feelings, for example “tell me more what you think”. During the conversation, it is important for the clients to know that you are listening, so they are willing to share their thoughts.

Acknowledging can be used, for instance “I understand your concerns”. Paraphrasing is another method. It is done by repeating their thoughts based on your understanding. This shows that you are engaging in the conversation.

Apart from listening to clients’ thoughts, it is necessary to give information. This is done to reduce their anxiety and help them to solve the problems. For example, provide information about psychological support and financial support.Non-verbal communication is another technique. Using silence to allow time for the clients to think and organize their thoughts. Using touch such as put an arm over client’s shoulder to show warmth and support. Offering self by saying “I’ll stay with you for a while”, to increase client’s feeling of self-worth. By doing so, rapport can be established.

Resources to help his familyIn Hong Kong, there are many organizations provide psychological support to the bereaved. The Comfort Care Concern Group is a non-governmental charity organization that aims to help the bereaved to cope with grief and mourning and adapt to a new life (Comfort Care Concern Group, 2013). They provide professional individual counseling and group counseling.

Besides, there are self-help group that promotes mutual support (Comfort Care Concern Group, 2013). The group organizes meeting and outdoor activities. This allows the bereaved to meet friends with similar experience and overcome the bereavement period together.The Jessie and Thomas Tam Centre is another bereavement counseling center. Theyprovide individual and family counseling to ease the grief (Society for the Promotion of Hospice Care, 2017).

There are bereavement group which is formed by social workers and ex-clients (Society for the Promotion of Hospice Care, 2017). They share their experiences such as grief reactions and solution. By joining this group, the bereaved can understand their grief process and the ways to cope with it. As a result, the bereaved can face the bereavement positively.

The Social Welfare Department also assists the bereaved to cope with grief and mourning through counseling (GovHK, 2014). Apart from psychological support, the government and many non-government organizations provide emergency relief fund. The Social Welfare Department delivers the fund for supporting the victims of natural disasters such as fire and landslide (Social Welfare Department, 2017). Mrs.

Wu and Tim are the victims of industrial fire since Mr. Wu died because of it. So, they can receive the emergency relief fund. Besides, Community Chest, Sik Sil Yuen and Yan Oi Tong also provide financial assistance to people who are suffering from crisis (The Comfort Care Concern Group, 2017). They provide temporary financial assistance to help the misfortune people to overcome the tough time.ConclusionVirginia Henderson’s theory can help to meet the physiological needs of Mr. Wu, maintain good hygiene, and promote movement and safety.

On the other hand, it helps to maintain the mental health of Mrs. Wu and Tim.After the death of Mr. Wu, his family faced intense sorrow and felt emptiness and guilty. Also, there are great changes in Mrs. Wu daily lives.

In order to understand the condition of Mrs. Wu and Tim, therapeutic communication skills like active listening, acknowledging and offering self can be used during the conversation. To cope with grief, government department and non-government organizations can help them psychologically and economically. 


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