Architecture captivates me both as an art and a subject. Having the desire to understand and explore how scientific technology can be utilized to enhance the performance of building structures in their social and environmental conditions, the field of architecture immensely brings out the divisions of my identity. This allows me to engage well creatively and scientifically with the use of artistic and practical dimensions of design.Through the reading of books, articles and blogs on architecture I have invoked my inner feeling on design and planning; I always marvel and wonder how architects meet planning demands of the ever-evolving planet. Activities on energy developments have revealed the way technology and creativity can make the world environmentally safe and sustainable to live.  More reading on the subject of design has made me question whether planners are doing enough in implementing and integrating the solutions pioneered by experts on the subject. As I join the university, I think architects should focus on the scientific and environmental aspect of the question while still advancing their craft. The above point of scientific and ecological architecture informs my decision to enroll for a course on the subject. ?While reading Complexity and Contradictions in Architecture by Robert Venturi, I learned and got an insight into the practical philosophy of architecture and design from an expert’s perspective. The book critiqued the works of modern designers which the author says lacks a connection with the real world the ‘environment’ the structured are build. As par Venturi, a structure is bound to connect with its surrounding to appeal and be attractive. Just like Venturi, I aspire to see a marriage between science and environment in design and planning in the building sector. With my BTEC certificate backed by with A-level Mathematics and an extended Diploma in business, plus, attending the Art club during high school, I think I have the best foundation which equips me for the course.  I have become exposed to architecture and art from the different activities related to the craft that I took part in which overwhelmed me with immense knowledge and technological potentials on the subject. While attending a lecture at the Royal Institute of Architects, on the Mathematization of Daylighting; A history of British architects use of daylight factor, the scientific and mathematic principles discussed by the architects fascinated me greatly. Further, the lecture made me understand why daylight should be considered in the design. The aspect of a day in architecture is more of a bridge which links design and nature. There are many dynamics of building that one can learn from architecture forums and workshops, the Abstract Architectural Mash Up workshop is a very resourceful platform that focuseson historical and advances of design and architecture in different periods of time and history. From the platform, I learned how the art and science of design have developed in architecture. Art and its extra-curricular related activities have helped me advance as a designer and planner; the actions have encouraged me to explore and initiate my ideas via practical experimentations. One experimental experience I had was at the three-day non-residential Uni-link summer show at the University College London on Architecture, construction, and planning. The summer show focused on the impact street at has on the construction and building world. To be more specific the forum touched on all aspects of urban art about building and planning. Being an all art person, I was very hooked and contributed all through the summer workshop and in the process learned a lot. All the art activities I have mentioned have indeed helped me develop verbal and practical artistic skills like; drawing, analyzing and making simple calculations. Since I cleared high school, I have been working at the public planning offices. Through my interactions with contractors and planners has enabled me to enhance my understanding of procedures and problems related to the architectural projects. The significance of communication through dialogue stands out for me, and I am fascinated to see conversations in the planning office turn positive and have translated into extraordinary designs. The office setting has made me learn that efficient designing needs a progressive line of ideas and knowledge, which I plan to learn at explore further in university. On the light side, I enjoy playing badminton and swimming because they are challenging to do, just like architecture. The subject is a lifelong topic which needs years of dedication to be distinguished. Through sports, I have demonstrated my organization, leadership and commitment skills, which are a significant requirement in architecture. I wish to enroll in a degree course in Architecture and Planning, which from the reflections above is my passion. Art makes the world attractive; I want to be part of the movement that plans, designs and creates the world we all live. Through exploring the dynamics of architecture and design further and gaining knowledge, I think I would be well equipped to meet the modern demands of the environment and the building sector. The above can be achieved by taking part in learning of the subject extensively in the university.  


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