Aristotle was one of three main greek philosopher that made a huge impact on modern day knowledge and actions.

 He wrote many books, tutored the well known Alexander the great, and opened a school called Lyceum.  He made a large influence on beliefs. Aristotle was the creator of logic and was fascinated in almost everything bringing him to learn about all he was interested in eventually creating a school and teaching three kings.

Aristotle did many great things, two of which were “creating logic’ and being a teacher of Alexander the great.  In a school that he opened in Athens after gaining permission from king Alexander the great he taught reasoning and logic behind almost everything.  In Athens Plato was the main school where everyone went but they didn’t explain reasoning behind the things that they taught at their school but Aristotle was more interested in why things were the way they were and how things came to be so he began to learn and eventually teach the logic and history behind the commonly known things at the time whereas Plato still taught things as they if things just were the way they are, because of this Lyceum and Plato became rivaling schools. Aristotle was born in Chalcidice in 0384 B.C. his father, Nicomachus named him Aristotle meaning “the best purpose” but his father had died when and he began to be parented by Proxenus of Atarneus at the age of eighteen he attended Plato’s academy, his future rivaling school, he stayed at the academy until he was thirty seven years old.

 Eventually he left the academy due to the request of Philip II of Macedon to tutor Alexander the great.  Because he taught Alexander he gained many perks and supplies once Alexander became king like his own school and a library where he would keep his hundreds of books he written on various topics such as biology, zoology, physics, theater, metaphysics, ethics poetry and many more. Before having his own school Aristotle taught at another school called Marcedon and taught three future kings Cassander, Ptolemy, and the widely known Alexander.  Aristotle convinced Alexander the great to take over the east while he taught him giving Alexander more future influence.  After Alexander the greats death he fked to his mothers family estate, Chalcis because he was charged with impiety and due to the unjust execution of socrates he left for his own safety.

  Aristotle created a major impact on modern academics and created logic behind the reason of things being the way they were.  Although he wasn’t considered a scientist in his time according to modern standards Aristotle was the first ever scientist.  He also owned a school that had years worth of knowledge for every academic category at the time written by him, he also worked at a school where he taught three soon to be kings, and went to a school form the age of eighteen to thirty seven which caused him to become more curious as to why everything was the way it was or why everyone did what they did.


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