Art was first introduced in 1880 in France,

Art Nouveau is a simplistic art style that was first introduced in 1880 in France, it then eventually was driven across Europe. The style was the most popular art style at that time, witch meant it was produced in many different context and affected other art styles such as interior design, architecture, households and jewellery making it a very flexible style. The style was flowing and elegant with a whiplash effect, that resembled stems and blossoms of plants. This was aimed to modernise design and escape the old historical style witch artists started to get tired off, this is because their artwork started to almost resemble a photocopy, leading them to want something new and unique. In the book ” art nouveau in fin-de-siècle France”  Debra L. Silverman, the author, wrote art nouveau had three goals, first to “disrupt the hierarchy of media and to reunite art and craft” second to create a “distinctively modern style” and third to “assert the primary of individual vision over the functions of materials”.  witch i agree with because it allowed artists to scrap the old traditional style and create work that was completely out of the ordinary, such as, using unrealistic objects as a way to symbol something else.


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There were many influences to Art Nouveau, Alphonse Mucha is a very well known Art Nouveau painter, born in the Czech republic, in a town called ivanaice, Moravia, he was a big influence to art nouveau, best known for his bold posters, witch mostly showed images of women in a very flowing and organic style, Now a days these works are known as the best examples to show this art nouveau style. This work spread across the country in 1900s witch led to his work being challenged by other illustrators.


Another influence to art Nouveau was the Japenese, mainly from the use of Wood block prints , that was later taken on by many known artists such as Gustav Klimt and Suzuki Harunobu. These wood-block prints had many similarities to art nouveau such as the whiplash style of line and the use of decorative patterns and colours. another name of for this style was Ukiyo-e. 
The japanese designer Suzuki Harunobu was well known for his use of these prints. he was the first to produce full colour prints and known to use a range of techniques in his work in not only prints but also in a range of drawings and paintings. Like Mucha , Harunobu also used a lot of women in his work but also does work of everyday scenes.