When are excellent examples of Africa’s wealth of

When you hear “Africa”, what comes to mind? Some think of the food. Others think of African culture and the colorful aesthetics that most African media relies on. Unfortunately, most people who don’t desire to learn more about the continent know little to nothing about this continent before slavery. This has led to a lot of ignorance on the topic of African history. However, the story of the African people has a timeline more vast than that of colonialism and the slave trade. Civilizations like Great Zimbabwe and the city of Timbuktu are excellent examples of Africa’s wealth of education […]

California’s children face higher health risks from contaminants in food

California’s Children Face Higher Health Risks from Contaminants in Food Name: Institution: Reference Bennett R. D. C., Frost J., Ritz B. and Hertz-Picciotto I., (May 30, 2013), California’s Children Face Higher Health Risks from Contaminants in Food, Cancer and non-cancer health effects from food contaminant exposures for children and adults in California: a risk assessment, Retrieved on June 05 2013, Retrieved from Environmental Health http://dx.doi.org/10.1186/1476-069X-11-83 California’s Children Face Higher Health Risks from Contaminants in Food According to a research carried out in California, the results revealed that children face higher health risks as compared to older children and adults. California […]

Architecture from ancient times

Name: Instructor: Class: Date: Architecture from ancient times. Architecture has undergone dramatic changes in the past millennium. Advancements in technology and civilizations are the main causes of these changes. Architecture can be dated back as far as man came into existence. However, only the solid architecture has had the ability to withstand time and harsh weather. Architecture has withstood the test of time and can date back to the Neolithic period, which was from 6800BC to 3200BC. During this period, the inhabitants in Greece traveled from regions around Turkey into Greece. They are thought to have brought farming and pottery […]

Domestication of Plants and Animals

The domestication of plants and animals lead to great change in the development and structuring of communities, as the hunter-gatherer lifestyle was slowly replaced by permanent settlements of farmers and villages. We can see that the communities varied greatly dependent on their local ecology, the resources available, and the time period within which their community was based. The road to agricultural way of life in the MIddle East is characterized by Four distinct stages. It was during the Kebaran period, and Geometric Kebaran in which hunter-gatherers began to utilize the plant and animal resources of the region.Architecture became a prominent […]

Ibrahim food. While Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt differed

Ibrahim DiopMs. Garcia and Mr. ForesterEnglish II and World History22 December 2017The Middle East and Ancient EgyptThe Ancient Middle East, also known as Mesopotamia, and Ancient Egypt were both important civilizations between 3500 B.C. and 500 B.C as two of the first civilization to ever exist. During this time humans, for the first time, started to settle, become more stable, and farm for a living instead of chasing dangerous prey for food. While Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt differed from each other in their government structure and culture, they shared many similarities such as their religion and their advanced technology.A government […]

Task and opinion among two or many individuals

Task 1. 1As Health and Social Care professional engaged in the healthand Social Care settings, I will explain the different level of workingpartnership across the sector using the three partnership level. Before this weneed to understand the definition of partnership, it is a sharing of knowledge,views and opinion among two or many individuals involved in an organisation,country or else. The terms philosophy of working in partnership refers to astate of mind, an attitude, guidance when starting an engagement to worktogether in the three level of partnership. Everything is linked as soon as the partnership began the potential ofthe staff or organisation, […]

Ancient afford them and when they put them

Ancient Greek woman loved cosmetics. Beauty products were soexpensive that only the rich could afford them and when they put them on, theywere hardly visible. The desired look was a ‘no makeup’ makeup. They wanted anatural beauty (achieved with unnatural means). The Greeks paid as muchattention to their hair as they did their clothing. In the classical period itwas the fashion for young men to crop their hair short. Woman teased, frizzedand curled their hair. Children had long hair and the little girls tied theirhair in ponytails. Greeks began establishments in barbering where a skilledbarber would earn a wage for […]

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