Artificial intelligence
plays an important role in the lives of humans now more than ever due to
developments in technology. Humans, in this century, tend to depend on machines
for every task than depending on our knowledge and understanding of how these
basic tasks work. Many of the technologies we use today have roots in the field
of artificial intelligence like Google search engine and most importantly, Global
Positioning System (GPS), Natural Language Programming (NLP) and Speech
Interpretation Applications. Machine technology are used any sector of the
world; Education, Cyber-security, Manufacturing, Health, Finance, Entertainment,
Social media, Sales etc. It’s important to understand how applications in
artificial intelligence are used today so we can better prepare for how they
are already changing our world. Many experts claim artificial intelligence will
wipe out employment for humans in the near future due to job automation but the
role of artificial intelligence ranges from helping humans to perform basic
tasks and functions to helping us with complex and advanced computations.
accomplishments that seem amazing are still the work of humans. Why then, the
god-like treatment of AI? In other words, machines are slaves to humans not the
other way around. Machines should not necessarily be viewed as a replacement
for humans because even though they are intuitive and self-driven, they still
require some degree of human intervention in order for them to continue to meet
the needs and challenges of today’s organizations and the society at large.

 Artificial intelligence is programmed with intricate
algorithms that predict what we might like by identifying patterns in choices
made by millions of other people similar to ourselves; this is referred to as
machine learning. Many people are familiar with machine learning from shopping on
the internet and seeing ads related to their purchase. This happens because
recommendation engines use machine learning to personalize online ad delivery
in almost real time. This form of machine learning can also be seen in
cyber-security with spam- filtering of emails and fraud detection. Due to the
rate of technology is developing, innovation will progress exponentially.
Artificial intelligence will definitely go beyond self-driving cars, aircraft,
Global Positioning System (GPS) and Speech Interpretation Applications. Many organizations
use artificial intelligence to elevate the nature of business and most of them
have been very successful due to the implementation and introduction of artificial
intelligence into the core of the business. Artificial intelligence also plays
a role in entrepreneurship, creating jobs for young entrepreneurs in the
creation of technological devices and applications. Examples of these
applications include Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc. Artificial intelligence
is not necessarily negative because there are areas of application when
employed, makes work a better, and less stressful, experience.

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