Artificial grass has an advantage of looking blooming all year round. This is a major reason why home owners decide to use it for their lawns. Now even though an artificial lawn might look pretty all year round, there are certain seasons in the year in which you might have to put in more work to keep it looking flourishing. Winter is probably the hardest of them all, and the reason is very well understood. The key to having your artificial grass in perfect shape throughout the winter season lies in some basic tips. 1. Try to Clear Dirts as Frequently as Possible: Due to the fact that the leaves are from trees are dying and falling off during the transition from fall to winter, your lawn might look a whole lot messy if these debris aren’t mowed away frequently. 2. Let the Snow Melt Away: So you cannot possibly totally prevent snowing from spraying itself around your artificial lawn during the winer season. While you might be tempted  to start raking it away, it is best to let it melt away naturally. You can also pour some warm water on the lawn to help accelerate the snow melting process. Sometimes salt is also used for faster melting, however this is not very advisable as it might stick to the base of your lawn and hinder its draining capability3. Carefully Shovel the Lawn if you have too: While allowing the snow to melt away is best, in some cases of dense snow on the lawn, you might have to resort to shoveling.  This is when caution has to come in. Carefully rake away the snow to prevent the fibers from damaging. If you can, do not let the shovel come in direct contact with the grass. Also opt for plastic shovels rather than metal ones.To be safe ensure you walk on your lawn carefully during the winter. The reason being that the fibers are a whole lot more brittle and likely to pierce your feet. All in all, artificial lawns are still a delight. One needs not to worry about how they’ll look after the winter as they are synthetic and therefore, their color will be unaffected by the chills of the snow. Putting in just a little effort will jeep your lawn looking its beat in preparation for the coming spring.


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