As well,
the novel 1984 contained an organization which had the hopes to work towards
taking the pleasure out of sexual interactions, therefore; making it simply a
duty done to help the Party. “The aim of the party was not to merely prevent
men and women from forming loyalties which it might not be able to control. It’s
real, undeclared purpose was to remove all pleasure from the sexual act.” The
current day versions of this are the countless organizations throughout the
world that promote abstinence only sexual education, or are hoping to ban
artificial birth control. Another similar concept in today’s world is the
continuing consent laws making sexual interactions much more difficult, pushing
it towards the direction of it being an inconvenience, much more difficult, and
possibly even to the point of becoming a chore through the beginning stages.
Consent laws continue to have more strict rules being added to them as time
goes on as even in the current day regular consent is not enough. Both partners
must consent in an enthusiastic manner and continue to enjoy and consent the
entire duration of the activity.  

Even some
fairly basic, but not greatly thought of ideas were predicted in Orwell’s 1984,
such as the “memory hole”. The memory hole was a machine that was used to alter
incriminating or embarrassing documents or even make them disappear altogether.
These are very similar to tools such as paper shredders used to shred
documents. Yes paper shredders were invented before 1984; however, were not
commonly used, and the concept of wiping out a hard drive came much further in
the future. The memory hole did in fact foretell both of these technologies.

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A very
important concept Orwell portrayed throughout his novel 1984 was his concept of
doublethink. Doublethink is the acceptance of two contrary opinions or beliefs at
the same time, or the mental capacity to do so. 1984 contained three main
reoccurring slogans that the party had. They were: “War is Peace; Freedom is
Slavery; Ignorance is Strength”. These were obvious examples of doublethink and
Orwell also had the idea of doublethink occur many times throughout the novel
in a more subtle manner as well. The concept of doublethink has been around
forever; however, it has been realized to be in relation to many very important
concepts people agree with regularly in their everyday lives. A very commonly
believed example is to have both religious beliefs and great beliefs in science
as well. Science greatly contradicts beliefs of God or a creator, but most
people who are religious tend to believe in the sciences being true as well.
Overall, Orwell just showed us how double thinking will continue to become much
more prominent in our lives over time as it can be a really important factor
that many people do without realizing.


constant predictions from George Orwell’s 1984 that are coming true are
absolutely crazy; however, seem to be going completely unnoticed by everyone. The
novel 1984 ends with the main character Winston going through intense, continuous
rounds over torture. Winston then learns to love Big Brother, and the terrible
world he once hated. Looking at life today it seems as if we have all willingly
given up a lot of our own freedom and almost all of our rights to privacy. A
fear of terrorism plays a part in many areas of the world, but the outstanding
advances in technology through social media has been the upmost reason. In many
cases one gives up their privacy without even realizing they are doing so.


It is said
that if you have nothing to hide, you don’t have anything to be afraid of. In
the world we live in today with government agencies being able to monitor all
of our online messages, phone calls and much more we have all become suspects. This
is an extremely scary factor that has continued to progress to the point where there
is almost no turning back now.  No matter
if you were to move to a remote location completely away from everything the
government still has some form of information about you stored somewhere. Big
Brother was George Orwell’s representation of today’s government, making us all
into what Winston Smith became.




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