As their power. Furthermore, article 4(1) of Malaysian

As we know, Malaysia is a country practices a constitutional
monarchy and parliamentary democracy system which is follow by the British
Westminster system. It includes 3 main organs of the government which is
legislature, executive and judicial. These 3 branches practice different powers in state or country. They play an
important role in our country especially for our socio-political landscape. This is because they need to stabilize national
security and create an organizable
country. Even they have some certain power to society but they don’t have the
authority to make abuse of power on other individual such as banished the

According to article 4(1) of Malaysian Federal
Constitution, constitution is the supreme law of federation. The first
important of doctrine of separation power to uphold the spirit of Malaysian
Federal Constitution is it can protects the right of citizen because Malaysia
is a democratic country which is their citizens have the freedom to speech,
expression and they can participate in election. This article mentioned on
right and it has been shown the important of Constitution of Malaysia towards
citizen. Hence, every citizen of Malaysia is equal and no one can take
advantage on anyone due to their power.

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Furthermore, article 4(1) of Malaysian Federal Constitution
imposes the law has been passed and made by Parliament or Legislature of the
state cannot be disputed or be questioned. It is important to separate the
power of Parliament and Legislature precisely in law. This is to avoid
confusing of power and role even to prevent argument within this power. State Legislative Assemblies can
also make law in particular situation
or matters. This article showed the different between Parliament and
Legislature to give people have a clear understanding within them. Therefore,
it has been proven that Constitution of Malaysia is organisable and each organ
has play their role wisely without any conflict.

In summary, Federal
Constitution is the supreme law in our Malaysia and grants fundamental right of
Malaysians. It is about 183 articles in federal constitution and it also
including first schedule until eleventh schedule. In our Malaysia, Federal
Constitution is the law need to obey by every single one of the Malaysian to
maintain the peaceful of the country.