As to my hard work, and passion, I

As said by Roy E. Disney – “It’s not hard to make decisions once you know what your values are. ” Our core values define who we are, and we should stick to our values when they’re being tested. Even if someone else thinks we are unusual, we should not allow our personal values to erode. Since my childhood, my core values lies in honesty, integrity, hard work, confidence, and perseverance. Whatever I have achieved in my life, whether it’s academic or professional, is because I chose to follow these five values. Growing up in a business family, I have seen my father making sacrifices, working endless hours, and taking risks for the family. It made me grasp the reality that life is not a piece of cake. My childhood taught me the various valuable lesson that still stays with me and guides me through tough times. Due to my hard work, and passion, I was selected to study at Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur, which is one of the prestigious colleges in India. My determination and ambition, helped me to survive through a rigorous course curriculum at IIT.  Post Engineering, I chose to work as a Software Engineer at Misys. Working in a big multinational company taught me teamwork, resourcefulness and professionalism.  It brought out the qualities of following tight deadlines, and ability to work with diverse people with different mindsets. Moving ahead, now I am associated with a small startup MindIQ. Working in a startup, with a group of five people, cultivated in me the importance of trustworthiness, vision, commitment, and success. It is also made me realize if you want to succeed as a team, you have to share a common goal. Throughout my life I have acted with integrity. Also, the myriad of roles that I have played in my career trajectory has instilled in me these powerful core values. Integrating these values into my life helps me to overcome any difficult situation.