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As a concept, converting paper piles to electronic forms for smartphones is a no-brainer. Talking about good business sense, the quality and the ability to collect data followed by entering the data into wireless form is where you break the ice!But, beyond the basic business process workflow of replacing paper forms with mobile forms, what are the other capabilities that a mobile solution should offer?  Many businesses have made the switch from paper forms to mobile forms, but how are they getting the most out of this? Here are our top four advanced mobile form features: 1 Rich data:  Collecting data is not just as simple as it seems or writing something down just for namesake. Collecting data means collecting rich quality data which comprises of  capturing photos, sketch on those photos, capturing audio or video notes, and scan barcodes/ QR codes. Data that is captured is date stamped, time stamped, and geo-stamped with all the information that you need serves reliability and compliance. .2  Customised/Personalised Mobile Form Building:Each company has a different way of functioning. So why should they be made to use the same type of form? Your mobile form solution should allow you to create customizable forms that can collect any type of data. Whether it’s an Vehicle Tracking Mobile App or a Fire Inspection Mobile app, in order to truly maximize the idea of Mobile forms, you have to be able to a) make the form as comprehensive as possible, and b) make the form as Lucid as possible. Only you know what your company needs. Axonator’s configurable platform gives you the ability to design your forms as per need. 3 Save Time Go Digital: Not only does paper work lead to higher operating costs, but it also results in a loss of productivity. Paperwork needs to be Digitalised once it has been completed. For corporations with employees who work remotely/field, data needs to be saved securely.On-Field workers lose time looking for a fax machine or scanner to send in documents, or need to wait until they have access to a computer at a later time.This process leads to inefficiency and slows down things. Once employees in the office finally have the paperwork, it still needs to be filed correctly, entered into a database, or should be saved electronically.  4 Automation with Axonator: Ditch paper from your business workflows and  benefit your organization with increased productivity by making collaboration of workflow management simpler thus saving time. Automation eliminates obvious delays in paperwork making workflows and reporting faster. Storing paperwork electronically i.e in a Cloud database lets you access them from anywhere, so even if you have missed some point you can jump back to where you started!Mobile forms boost business efficiency, save time and money, and improve data accuracy and security. Its high time organisations need to go digital leaving your printers behind and stepping out from under that piles of paper.Axonator is a an app used to build another customised apps used by thousands of organizations worldwide everyday. We make it easy for organizations to eliminate paperwork, provide rich data and increase productivity by using mobile forms for data collection and inspections.