Assignment are extraordinary and effective because he had


Who are the well-regarded Muslim inventors? 
Give a short biography of each inventor? 
What is/are their known inventions? 
How their inventions benefit Human Society?

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1. Al-Jazari
His full name is Bad?? az-Zaman Ab? l-?Izz ibn Ism???l ibn ar-Raz?z al-Jazar? . He is called Al-Jazari as he was born in Jazirat ibn Umar. He was a Muslim savant, innovator, mechanical engineer, craftsman and mathematician. He formulated the Book of Knowledge of Ingenious Mechanical Devices. 
The greatly beneficial artifact that he constructed was a aqua network for imparting water to diverse regions of the metropolis. 
In his book, Al-Jazari presented orderly directions elucidating the assembling of the instrument and invention illustrated. His books are extraordinary and effective because he had finely reported every characteristic feature of his instruments and the directive were so efficient that numerous hereafter tradesman were able to appreciate the assets of his professionalism.
2. Mariam ‘Al-Astrolabiya’ Al-Ijliya
Her full name is Al-‘Ijliyah bint al-‘Ijli al-Asturlabi. She was a female astronomer in the 10th century. She was also a daughter of an Astrolabist and she used to live in Aleppo. Mariam’s father was an apprentice of Bitolus; a well-known and popular astrolabe maker. She was a mentee of Bitolus and moiled in the precinct of Sayf al-Dawla in Aleppo.
She was the one to develop and manufacture the astrolabes. It helped people in navigation and in measurement of the altitude of the sun and the stars during.
Many these days argue that Islam contend that Islam ‘opresses’ ladies or confines their learning, or, more comprehensively, that Islam conflicts with science. But Al-Ijliya remains a role model until today since she pursued study and helped innovate new technology for her time.
3. Ibn Al Haytham
His full name is Ab? ?Al? al-?asan ibn al-?asan ibn al-Haytham. He was an Arab expert in math, astronomy and physics of Islamic Golden Age. He is also called the Father of modern Optics and is sometimes called Al-Basri as he was born in Basra. He built up the logical strategy for experimentation and was the first individual to plan speculation and direct undeniable examinations. He was the first individual to clarify that vision happens when light bobs on an entity and after that is coordinated to one’s eyes. In medieval Europe, he was honored as Ptolemaeus secundus.
He accomplished momentous offerings to the postulates of optics and visual recognition. His most prestigious work was Kit?b al-Man??ir written during 1011–1021. 
He invented optics and contrived the theory of vision. Because of his famous theory we were able to develop eyeglasses, magnifying glasses, telescopes and cameras.
4. Abbas Ibn Firnas
His full name is Abu al-Qasim Abbas Ibn Firnas Ibn Wirdas Al-Takurini. He was an Andalusian creator, medical practitioner, chemical researcher, engineer, minstrel and Arabic verse-maker. He believed that humans can fly and sought for means to demonstrate that to people.
He devised an aqua timer called al-Maqata, formulated a chain of rings which is utilized to faux the locomotion of the planets and stars, and generated a technique for clipping rock crystal that enabled Spain to terminate bartering quartz to Egypt to be cut.
He assembled his own flying paraphernalia from feathers and made them his wings. He was also the first man to ever attempt to fly. His attempte didn’t go to waste though, as he actually flew a few distance. This opened up ideas and discussions to the scientists and engineers, therefore creating an airplane. Without his heroic attempt, I don’t think we could travel within a short span of time in the air. 
5. Abu al-Qasim al-Zahrawi
His full name is Ab? al-Q?sim Khalaf ibn al-‘Abb?s al-Zahr?w? . He was a was an Arab Muslim physician and surgeon who lived in Al-Andalus. He is appraised as the appreciable medieval surgeon and has been portrayed as the Father of Surgery. He transfigured how surgery was effectuated by concocting new strategies and instruments to help mend victim. 
His principal work is the Kitab al-Tasrif. His book was implemented as established credit work in topics in all universities for 500 yrs. He was known for creating many medical tools.
In the absence of the techniques and apparatuses that Al-Zahrawi spearheaded, surgery nowadays may be a primitive speculating diversion. His expertise and unvarying log of strategies aided the headway for medicine for a considerable length of time.