Assignment the organization for new features to assist




















Assignment #1

03-60-207 Problem Solving and Info on the

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Mohammad Arshad (104527919)





















Goal to Become the Smartest City in North America

The city
of Toronto is requesting the residents for their offer in the Federal Smart
Cities Challenge, and it hopes to request groups to submit offers in light of
advancement, enormous information and blending innovation. They need their citizens
to round out a review to tell them about the difficulties they confront when
discovering approaches to innovate, and issues identifying with network, work
development, versatility, reasonable housing, and their thoughts for how technology
and innovation can have an important effect to life in Toronto.

about a smarter Toronto, the CEO of Sidewalk Labs’ shared some of his
organization’s ideas to build up the smart waterfront community Quayside as
they are close to taking a permanent space in Toronto. The organization’s
desire is to work with Waterfront Toronto and assume the part of co-master
developer that incorporates building up a plan, attempting to get it approved,
and regulating the subsequent progression of infrastructure. They are also
hoping to consolidate reasonable housing into Quayside. Additionally, a few
cases of existing activities are given to spur on citizens within the survey and
if the residents have a particular proposition they can also submit it directly
to the city.

is experiencing significant advances to transform themselves into an innovation
and technology center point. Toronto can further accomplish its objective by
winning the challenge and grabbing $50 million to execute and develop the










Good parenting best solution to stopping kids
from getting addicted to phones: experts

Two of Apple’s
major shareholders are pushing the organization for new features to assist
limit as far as possible, harming screen time for young kids, yet experts say
that there’s no simple fix and the obligation will stay with parents to do the
best for their children. As buyers shouldn’t depend on Apple updating its products
to make them less addictive for kids.

has various parental controls incorporated with its products and new features
are planned for the future as well. Customers can’t depend on organizations to
make gadgets that don’t require good parenting and are without risk. To battle
screen addiction, families should spend time together without technology and
promote writing, sketching, and reading books. In addition, Smartphones are
more appealing than TV or computer games were to kids in the most earliest of
their days. It is because cell phones can go anywhere with us. It’s the extent of
the utilization and the omnipresence, so children can use them even when
they’re outside with their parents unlike television or video games.

It’s important
that we don’t see the features of “parental controls” in a device to
be as a complete solution. What’s significant is to give greater responsibility
to children as they get older. As observers notified that good parenting might
be the only key answer to shield their kids from gazing too long at screens.