At this time countries where taking sea to find new trade posts in the Asian waters.Columbus’s goal was to sail to the markets of Asia by a western route. With his calculation at thetime, which were very inaccurate, Columbus established that a western route was feicable andmore profitable. Unfortunately, his calculation did not bring him to the Asian waters but to Cuba.

There several miles out the way was Americas. Resulting in establishing links between easternand western hemispheres and paved the way for conquest, settlement, and exploitation of theAmericas by European people. During the time of landing into Americas, Columbus establishedpeace with the natives there. Columbus conjured that these natives would be easily assimilatedinto the Christian faith, seeing that they didn’t have a religion established.

Also, he believed theywould be good as servants to the European people. “they should be good and intelligent servants,for I see they say very quickly everything that is said to them; and I believe they would becomeChristians very easily, for it seemed to me that they had no religion” Pg. 488 sources from thepast. Within time Columbus wanted to establish The Americas as a good trading port for Europeto the Asian market. Since cotton, gold, and other gems were readily available, Columbus wassure that this would be very profitable in Asia. 2.

Hormuz The Muslim commentator describes the battle of Hormuz as a confused and chaoticbattle. That was clearly won by the Portuguese due to their effectiveness of artillery. Afonsod’Alboquerque destroyed the Arabian coast. The king of Hormuz soon caught word andbegan himself for battle. The Morning of the battle, d’Alboquerque ordered the broad side tobe fired. So, that the first two shots fired would set the two large ships, and men in them, tothe ocean.

” the fight was so confused on this side and on that, both with artillery and arrows,that it lasted sometime without either party seeing each other by reason of smoke” pg. 492Sources from the Past. As soon as d’Alboquerque saw Hormuz fleet, he sent the king ofHormuz and the moors (Muslims) to the sea, in fear his artillery. 1.

Adam Smith Adam smith goes into detail to explain the political issues with trading in Europe, duringhis time. He starts out by explaining to the reader, that all of society is out to making anearning for themselves. Citizens turn to domestic trade to earn revenue and foreign trade toobtain supplies the consumer is in demand for. However, with the government making new regulations again foreign trade, makes building a capital more difficult. ” To give themonopoly of the home market to the produce of domestic industry, in any particular art ormanufacture, is in some measure to direct private people in what manner they ought toemploy their capitals, and must, in almost all cases, be either a useless or a hurtfulregulation” pg. 526 Sources from the past.

In meaning, without the process of free trade, itmakes it harder for businesses to earn a revenue. Smith’s examples: a tailor does not attemptto make his own shoes, but buys them from a shoe maker. The shoemaker does not attempt tomake his own clothes, but takes them to a tailor. All trade that takes place helps to makesocieties live easier and ensures the market place will fulfill the demands of the consumer.

Resulting in the circulation of revenue. Which results in the growth of capital for citizens. 


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