“At by altering other marketing-mix elements such as


“At some point of time, the rate
of sales growth will slow down, and the product will come into a stage of respective
maturity. As compared to the previous stages, this stage proceeds longer and causes
lot of challenges. Most products are in the maturity stage of the life cycle,
and most marketing managers cope with the problem of marketing the mature

Three strategies for the maturity
stage are market modification, product modification, and marketing-mix

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“Market Modification: – The market for the
mature brand/product can be increased by increasing the number of users of brand.
This can be done by (1) transforming nonusers; (2) coming into new market
segments (as Johnson & Johnson did when promoting baby shampoo for adult
use); or (3) attracting competitor’s customers (the way Pepsi-Cola tries to woo
away Coca-Cola users). Capacity can also be expanded by encouraging the
existing brand users to increase the utilization of the brand. FOR EXAMPLE: –
use this product twice daily written back of the product like fairness cream

Product modification: – Managers make an attempt
to boost sales by modifying the product’s characteristics through quality
improvement, feature improvement, or style improvement. Quality improvement focuses
at expanding the functional performance of product—its durability, reliability,
speed, taste. Adding new features to the product can build the image of the
company as an innovator and win the loyalty of market segments that value these
features; this is why America Online regularly introduces new versions of its
Internet software. However, feature improvements are easily copied; unless
there is a permanent gain from being first, the feature improvement might not
pay off in the long run.

Marketing-mix modification: – product managers make an
attempt to boost sales by altering other marketing-mix elements such as prices,
distribution, advertising, sales promotion, personal selling, and services.”