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“At the main day of my work I cried by sitting close to the extension where once my dad used to work. I had no clue how to function without a few recollections of my dad cleaning shoes. In rainstorm my dad conveyed me on his shoulder to take me to class. In my school amid stormy season we need to keep our books inside the plastic, drops of rain kept on entering through the gap of the tin shade of the school. In any case, we never halted to peruse verse. My dad dependably said I need to wind up noticeably enormous. Following seven days of his passing I turn out to be enormous. We didn’t have anything to eat in our home, my most youthful sibling was experiencing fever and my mom had no sense to do anything. The case was heavier than me. My cohorts were pointing at me while they would school. I assume to go to my class and learn rest of the verse. I turn out to be enormous yet I cried like a youngster. At the point when the principal client offered me to clean his shoes, my hands were trembling and when he yelled by calling me ‘Ridiculous shoemaker’, I couldn’t control my tears. He took away his shoes without paying me anything. Different vendors were taking a gander at me with sensitivity. What’s more, I felt to rushed to my school, get wet by the rain and remember rest of the verse. And after that a man came to me. His appearance was risky, his voice was extremely unforgiving. He requested me to clean his shoes like a mirror. I nibble my lips to hold my tears and attempted to give a valiant effort and afterward he requesting that I do that once more. I did again and he requesting that I do once more. At that point he demonstrated to me a line and requesting that I do once more. I quit crying and toward the end the shoe was sparkling like a glass. He put a 100 taka note in my bundle and stated, ‘Utilize your chance and vitality to work, not to cry, tears will never bring anything.’ He cleared out to the ship. That day I earned 300 taka. It’s been three years I am working and never squander my opportunity for crying. I am sending my two more youthful siblings to class. A year ago I offered my senior sister. Also, I have taken in the verse that I couldn’t complete three years prior. I drank every one of my tears and living for my fantasies. Presently when individuals call me shoemaker I don’t cry any longer, I take a gander at them and grin.”