Khien Jason Bautista Submitted by:Alvarico, Winross John P.Ecabande, Jan Earl F.Lavalle, Joshua Vincent L.Magno, Keziah Marrie A.

Mojares, Mary RJ AntoinetteA. 12 – Blessed Dominic Collins January 29, 2017TABLE OF CONTENTS I.          INTRODUCTIONa. Name and Address of the Business or Company b. Name and Address of the Entrepreneurs c. Nature of the Business d.

Statement of Financing Needs  II.         EXECUTIVE SUMMARY III.        INDUSTRY ANALYSISa. Future Outlook and Trendsb. Analysis of Competitorsc. Market Segmentationd. Industry and Market Forecast IV.

       COMPANY DESCRIPTIONa. Product/Serviceb. Size of the Businessc. Office Equipment and Personneld.

Background of Entrepreneurs V.         PRODCUTION/SERVICEPLANa. Physical Plantb. Machinery and Equipmentc. Names of Suppliers    VI.        OPERATIONS ANDDEVELOPMENT PLANa. Description of the Company’s Operationb. Flow of Orders for Goods and/or Servicesc.

Technology Utilization VII.       MARKETING PLANa. Pricingb. Distributionc. Promotion VIII.

     MANAGEMENT TEAMa. Description of the management teamb. Organization Planc.

Plans for Recruiting andTraining Employees IX.        ASSESSMENT OF RISKa. Evaluate Weaknesses of the Businessb. Provide the Contingency Plan of Each Weaknessc. New Technologies Available X.         FINANCIAL PLANa. Sales Forecastb. Income Statementc.

Balance Sheetd. Break-even Analysis   XI.        APPENDIX OFSUPPORTING DOCUMENTSa. Survey Questionnairesb. Market Researchc.

Job Description of Employees e. Resume of the managers                           I.             INTRODUCTION (Winross) A.   Name and Address of theBusiness or Company:             Body Purge is anall-natural drink made from fresh fruits delivered to us daily. This productaims to revitalize the body through a natural purge of unhealth. This ispossible through the specially formulated drinks full of combined nutrientsthat makes health attainable without the cost off wealth.

             It will be situatedin malls within Davao City. It will be established as stalls that distributethe good service we offer. The Malls are located as shown in the map.             B.   Name and Address of theEntrepreneurs:                              C.  Nature of the Business:             Body Purge iseasily defined as part of the food and beverage industry. This includesbusinesses that relies on technology and food manipulation to supply value-addedfood consumed by the population (GlobalEdge, n.

d.). The ideal result of the foodprocessing will be a delicious nutritional drink made from pure, natural, andraw materials. This is an uncommon practice in this industry, but it is welcometo compete in it. More and more people today realize the importance of keepingone’s health in check.

Body purge will become an enjoyable way to help withthis issue. Trust in a product’s purity is always the cause of gnawingcustomers. Body purge will ensure its customers that what their receiving willbe what they asked for: a good natural drink.

Body purge will compete with itsquality service to bring about an original taste of health.  D.  Statement of Financing Needs: II.           EXECUTIVE SUMMARY (Keziah) III.          INDUSTRY ANALYSIS (Earl)A.   Future Outlook and Trends:             Davao City, beingone of the largest centers of trade and commerce in Mindanao and one of thehighest earning cities in the country, earning 210 billion pesos in totalcapital from 2011 to 2014, has proven to become an economically emerging citythat exhibits healthy economic performance. It’s industry sector has boostedfrom 12.2 to 16.

5 percent (2015-2016). Agriculture serves as the largesteconomic sector offering pineapples, bananas, and coconuts. It is also thecountry’s leading exporter of fruits such as mangoes, durians, mangosteens,pomelos, and papayas. Because of the abundance of produce, they are supplying processingindustries, such as the food and beverage industry which has contributed to thebulk of the industry sector.             According to Mercurio of ThePhilippine Star (2015) the Department of Trade and Industry is giving fullsupport to the food & beverage industry to gain global competitiveadvantage for it has contributed abundantly to the country’s economy.

With datagathered from the Philippine Statistics Authority, the food manufactures andbeverage industries made up almost half of the total manufacturing gross valueof the country in 2015. Additionally, the revenue in the food & beveragessegment in 2018 amounts to 31 m US$ or 1.58 billion pesos. In globalcomparison, it is the 6th country to have the highest global revenue.            From all the informationgathered, as a newly start-up business, entering the food & beverageindustry will surely continue to expand its growth economically. Due to the rapidinflux of people in Davao City, costumer-attraction is at high and consumersare now more aware than before of what they need and want. Starting up locally,the entrepreneurs will commit in providing quality products to customers andwill attend to their demand in hopes of exponential financial growth,contribution to the country’s economy, and globalization.

 B.   Analysis of Competitors: 7 P’s Competitor 1 Roti & Tea Competitor 2 Citrus Box Lemonade Competitor 3 Tubotreat 1. Product They offer roti, a Thailand dish, presented as flatbread that is made up of flour, eggs, and bananas as toppings. Apart from that, they also produce juices formulated by the owner made up of fresh fruits and flowers namely, Almond Red tea, Cucumber Lemon, and Citrus Ternatea made from “bukid” flower dipped with lemon slices. Their business mainly offers lemon juice with a hint of syrup called Citrulemon (lemon), other freshly squeezed fruit juices like Citrorange (orange), Citrudarin (mandarin), and Citrumansi (calamansi).

and they also sell fresh lemons. Beyond that, they offer organic products, like powdered ginger, from the Lumads of Marilog Distrcit. Tubotreat produces tubo juices fresh from a tubo stick or sugarcane that is put inside an extracting machine. They sell it in different flavors like tubo juice with ginger extracts, with tanglad or lemon grass, passion fruit, ampalaya, and guyabano. Inside the juices are also organic ingredients. 2.

Place Asian Fruit Market, Abreeza Ayala Mall Davao, J.P. Laurel Avenue, Bajada, Davao City Asian Fruit Market, Abreeza Ayala Mall Davao, J.P. Laurel Avenue, Bajada, Davao City Asian Fruit Market, Abreeza Ayala Mall Davao, J.

P. Laurel Avenue, Bajada, Davao City 3. Price The roti costs 50php and the juices are available for 30php per glass. The lemon juice costs 49php while the other fruit juices costs 30php. The lemons, on the other hand, costs 35php and if the customers buy three, they will receive 5php off. The price differs in flavor and size: Price Small Big Plain 55php 65ph Passion Fruit 60php 70php Lemon Grass 60php 70php Ginger 60php 70php Ampalaya 70php 80php Guyabano 70php 80php 4. Promotion They do not have any form of promotion aside from selling their products directly from their stall. However, they were featured in an online article written by SunStar Davao.

They have set up a Facebook page where people can directly message/contact them, write reviews and comments, and post their personal testaments like pictures and videos with their product. They have over 358 likes and 356 followers. They were also featured in one of the episodes of Agri Tayo Dito. Additionally, they were also featured in an online article written by SunStar Davao. They are advertised and promoted through social media. They have been featured by Davao Food Guide and LaWin Food Adventures, two local food blogs, in their Facebook pages. A blog post was also dedicated to them created by Jazzie Tabique.

Moreover, they were also they were featured in an online article written by SunStar Davao. People Maria Mayer Jerreje is the owner of Roti & Tea. When she visited Thailand, she was inspired by their fruit culture thus opening up her business. The staff is very accommodating and friendly according to one of the reviews on their page. The owner of the business is Laian Joy Chavez. The staff has well-knowledge about their product and its health benefits.

They are friendly and polite. Packaging The roti is served fresh from the pan while the juices are served in a glass. The juices are served in plastic bottles and plastic cups. Sealed on it is their logo. The juices are served in stylish plastic bottles and are served temperately cold.

Positioning Introduces a foreign culture and taste to the Davaoeños as well as an innovative way of infusing fresh fruits and flowers into tea and juices. An affordable way of keeping good health. Take a sip and enjoy the taste of their fresh fruit juices with citrus that is rich in Vitamin C. Serving all-natural fruit juices with no coloring and no artificial flavors.   Tubotreat’s objective is to give the market a delicious and easy way of fighting against illnesses. According to studies, sugarcane is one best ways to fight the risk of getting cancer. Instead of the traditional way of eating or grinding the tubo, people can now obtain its benefits in a juice form.  C.

  Market Segmentation:            The entrepreneurs will use the psychographic segmentationapproach in determining their target market. This means they will divide themarket in five different variables namely, lifestyle, values, social class, andpersonality. Starting off with lifestyle, the business’ target market is those who want a healthy lifestyle in an easy andhassle-free way. They are concerned with their health and appearance thus makingsure that they would stay fit and healthy as possible and avoid dealing withhealth-related problems/issues. Second is values, based from the VALS frameworkwhich is also known as values, attitude, and lifestyle, our target market isthose who are Experiencers. These are a group of consumers who are mostly comprisedof young adults who have high resources but also are self-expressive.   IV.

         COMPANY DESCRIPTION (Joshua) A.   Product/Service:             The business willoffer a wide menu of fresh juices on variety of flavors. All items will benatural nourishment and drink products. The store concentrates basically onfruit and vegetable juices. The business will pride itself on being small, howeverBody Purge’s health quick service seeks to provide the most astounding qualityitems in an enticing air.

Fruit juices are available in more than 10 flavors: ·        Orange·        Mango·        Banana·        Pineapple·        Guyabano·        Apple·        Lemon·        Melon·        Grape·        Calamansi·        Mixed Berries·        Four Seasons·        Tomato·        Honey Ginger·        Cucumber·        CarrotsB.   Size of the Business:C.  Office Equipment and Personnel:D.

  Background of Entrepreneurs V.           PRODUCTION/SERVICE PLAN (Keziah)A.   Physical PlantB.   Machinery and EquipmentC.  Names of SuppliersVI.


   Description of the ManagementTeam:                        Partnershipmanagers are the people responsible for the day to day operations of apartnership business. They are responsible for recruiting and supervisingemployees, dealing with customers and reporting to the partners. Thepartnership manager’s regulations are set by a written agreement decided betweenthe members.

               Qualifiedcandidates will have at least three years professional experience in businessdevelopment, fundraising and/or sponsorship sales (Social Enterprises, 2013).Required proven experience successfully leading and motivating a professionalteam. Experience as a Development Manager, Partnership Manager or similarposition in non-profit or social change organizations is a plus.              JobResponsibilities  ·        Strategic planning, developmentand management of key partners for the business.·        Strategize and collaborate withProgramming, Marketing and Events departments to align.·        Develop creative ways topartner with companies in order to maximize their involvement and financialsupport of the business·        Oversee development andeffective use of partner communications/sales tools (PDFs) for each event(Sponsor Overview, etc.)·        Create a Research Guide foreach event, defining industries, companies and subjects to research for salesefforts·        Oversee success metrics,tracking and reporting of sponsor acquisition efforts, including ProjectReport, Partnership Master Plan Reporting and multi-team communication·        Strategically identify key highlevel targets; responsible for directly confirming sponsorships to driverevenue support for event·        Manage sponsor deliverableprocess, communication with Marketing and Event Managers toensure sponsorshipcommitments are delivered·        Oversee administrative functionthat manages contracts and payments with confirmed Sponsors·        Manage all pre-event and onsitepartnership relations and communications, ensuring excellent support andoverall experience·        Train, mentor and manage thepartnership management team, ensuring company and event goals are met andweekly and personnel-related issues are managed·        Revise all partnership managementmaster templates as necessary; execute and manage adoption by team·        Manage the partnershipmanagement team, providing guidance and setting goals on a weekly basis; post,review and hire staff as determined ·        Actively use company systems tomanage projects, i.e., Basecamp, Google·        Docs and Harvest time tracker. Skills and Abilities Required ·        Proven ability to lead andproject manage large and simultaneous projects, defining and implementing goalswhile maintaining scope, budget and schedule.

·        Strong client relationshipmanagement, sales and customer service skills, with the ability to inform andpersuade people.·        Ability to work cohesively witha team and also independently with strong initiative and proactive involvement.·        Strong written and verbalcommunication and sales skills, able to deliver clear, concise information topartners, clients and team.·        Ability to initiate andnegotiate high value contracts to help meet event and company revenue goals·        Exceptionally detail-orientedand organized, ensuring quality and consistent output.·        Ability to effectively solveproblems, make decisions and take action, exercising solid independentjudgment.·        Ability to maintain aprofessional attitude and work independently with little guidance in a fast paced,changing environment.·        Proficiency in MS Officeapplications (Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint).

·        Proficiency in cloud softwareapplications ( systems, Basecamp, Google Docs, Harvest.) B.   Organizational Plan:                Body Purge is apartnership between five owners. A partnership is considered as one when two ormore people shares a business (lardbuket, n.d.

). A partnership is ideal whenone owner compliments the other. In a partnership all partners have the sameauthority decided by a written agreement.

The partners are the 5 entrepreneurswho owns the business namely, Jan Ecabande, Keziah Magno, Josh Lavalle,Antoinette Mojares and Winross Alvarico. C.  Plans for Recruiting andTraining Employees References:  Food    and      Beverage:      Background.  (n.

d.).  Retrieved       January27, 2018, fromhttps://globaledge. Social Enterprises. (2013, June 3). Job Description. Retrieved January28, 2018, from

pdf (n.d.). Retrieved January 28, 2018, from IX.

         ASSESSMENT OF RISK (Antoi)A.   Evaluate Weaknesses of theBusiness:B.   Provide the Contigency Plan ofEach Weakness:C.  New Technologies Available: X.           FINANCIAL PLAN (Earl)A.   Sales Forecast:B.

   Income Statement:C.  Balance Sheet:D.  Break-even Analysis: XI.         APPENDIX OF SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS A.

   Survey Questionnaires:B.   Market Research:C.  Job Description of Employees:D.  Organizational Chart:E.   Resume of the Managers:  


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