Background Because of that vacant time the student

of the study


every class there is a time for every subject, but sometimes some of matters
that instead of having a classes it become vacant time, the student will have a
vacant time. Because of that vacant time the student experience idle, there
just spending their time for nothing. ABM learners also experience the idle
moments during class hour.

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research study focuses to the ABM students who already experience idle moments
during class hour. Did idle moments can help so that their mind can relax or
idle moments have a effect to their studies? This study wants to know if the
ABM learners experience idle moments in their learning’s can affect their
performance, is their accretion or is their decline to their learning. These
studies also focus on the thoughts and feeling of the ABM learners during their
idle moments.


are many times that ABM learners experience it, and this study researcher wants
to know of what is reason behind it. In the other hand there has been great
deal related research done in other disciplines finding that the time of day
that students take a class may affect their achievement in the class. Besides they
can control of these effect of idle moments and evaluate a new knowledge, can
focuses on their studies without idle moment, also the ABM learners need
attention of their academic teachers for purpose and empathetic.


fully understand how the teacher of the school, can influence their learning, it
is important to have basic understanding of the biology of idle moments. We
build on these literatures by looking at the casual relationship between
student achievements, arguably productivity and scheduling of classes
throughout the day. Because of very structured and regimented academic
environment, we can estimate these effects free from the selection bias and
issues with non-standardized grading that plague most studies.


many studies have suggested changes to make to school schedules base on knowledge
about idle moments time, no study has been able to assess how these scheduling
differences actually affect students in learning.