Balkan Chamois (Sh?-mee)Rupicapra rupicapraMammalia VertebraeWarm bloodedHair/furProduce milkCountry: Bulgaria Continent: Europe Relatives: -Thinhorn Sheep -Gazelle -BushbuckPlantsFound in the Balkan Chamois’ habitatHighland grasses Herbs and leavesPine tree shootsMossesFungusHighland grasses has many structures to help it reproduce and stay alive. Highland grasses have both male and female parts so they can sexually or asexually reproduce. The roots of grass can regrow after fires because the soil protects the roots.

Grass is capable of defeating drought by going dormant in the dry season. Grass reproduces most commonly asexually, without the Balkan Chamois’s help. Grass does already live in Iowa. Highland grasses are able to live in Iowa during the spring, summer, and fall. We know this because grass reproduces asexually, it doesn’t need the aid of the Balkan Chamois.

Iowa is able to have droughts, which grass can go dormant during. If there were to be a forest fire in Iowa, highland grasses would be able to regrow and reproduce after the fire. SurvivalThe Balkan Chamois is a herbivore. If the Balkan Chamois were to go extinct then many other plants and animals could potentially go extinct. If the grasses, mosses, pine shoots, herbs, and leaves weren’t eaten then they would overpopulate. If those plants were to overpopulate then the animals that eat them could overpopulate because of the heightened food source. The overpopulation chain of events would continue until the food was gone for a species, then many would be underpopulated.

If the Balkan Chamois were to become overpopulated the outcome  would be very much like the outcome if the Chamois became extinct. If the Balkan Chamois were overpopulated, the plants that it eats would become available after a period of time. If the plants become unavailable, then the other animals that eat them will eventually die out in that area. If some species of animals are to die out, then so might others, because of no food source. One continent that the Balkan Chamois would not be able to live on is Antarctica. This is because even though the Chamois’s habitat is a colder one, the temperature is too cold. In the Balkan Mountains the average temperature is 30? while Antarctica’s average temperature is -49?. The Balkan Chamois’s fur is made to trap body heat inside the body, but so little would be trapped in it’s body that it wouldn’t survive.

The Balkan Chamois also needs grass, lichens (a growth, could be on a piece of wood), pine shoots, while due to temperature Antarctica doesn’t have those organisms. Description HeightTypical Male: 2′  7.2”Typical Female: 2′  3.6”Weight Male: 66-130 lbsFemale: 55-99 lbsSkin covering: Fur- thick, wooly underfur, then long guard hairs. The winter coat is black and brown with a white patch on the butt.

The underfur helps the Balkan Chamois stay warm up in the mountains while the guard hairs maintain the body heat and protect the fur and skin.AdaptationsThe hooves have somewhat elastic pads to grip the uneven and slippery groundThe Balkan Chamois can run up to 31 mph for escape predatorsThe Chamois can jump up to 7 ft into the air, and 20 ft horizontallyLifestyle-BehaviorsSocial Groupings: Females live in herds from 15-20. The male live solitary from age 2-3 on up but come back for mating in the late summer. Calls: The Balkan Chamois stomp their feet and have a high-pitched whistle to show danger.

Warning Displays: Because the Balkan Chamois is a relative of the sheep family, sheep flock together, Balkan Chamois might flock together to warn other Chamois nearby of danger. Diurnal: The Balkan Chamois are awake in the daytime and asleep at night. Home: Female Chamois give birth in the shelter of grass and lichens (composite organisms) Chamois are often found in rocky, uneven terrain. Migration: In the spring and summer the Balkan Chamois normally stay above 1,800 meters.

(altitude) In late autumn and the winter they migrate down to lower altitudes around 1,100 meters.Breeding-Behavior


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