Bangladesh like many other countries is facing a flourishing drug abuse problem. This is because of the ill treatment of narcotics drugs that have multiplied in Bangladesh including the output and involvement of terrorists groups with this business. For instance Yaba is one of the most popular seizure pills in bangladesh, which had  had jumped at an astounding 2500 % compared to 2011 which has resulted in more than 7 million drug addicts in Bangladesh and the business is now worth at an estimated USD 3 billion. Which has resulted in Bangladesh stands eighth among the worlds top drug abuses. This  alarming rate of rise in the number of seizures pills can also be resulting in the rise of other illicit drugs.  Bangladesh has been fighting against drugs since it started to circulate in the country itself. The government of bangladesh attaches great importance to countering drug problem.

The terrorist Money 

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One of the greatest source of finance for terrorists is drug money and the delegate of Bangladesh believes it is Bangladesh’s Number one priority in order to stop terrorists from causing any further damage. For eg. On second July 2016 five five participants of the terrorist  grouping of Jamaat-ul Mujahideen Bangladesh and Islamic State of Iraq and Levant. The Government has started a project where the sermon in the in the mosque on Friday prayers  has to be censored by the governments and the government  has already spent 260 million Bangladeshi Thaka (11 billion dirhams) on this project and the source of finance of this terrorist group can be related to drugs.

2)Yaba, the mystery drug.
Yaba is a combination of met-amphetamine and caffeine, which is the number most sold drug in Bangladesh. The Bangladesh border guards are busting more and more smugglers. They seized more than 29 million pills in 2016 more than 35 times the amount confiscated in 2010, according to figures from the Department of Narcotic Control but there are now current test for Yaba and the research needs to speed up. Which is one drug we need to stop from being used. In order to stop this the actions have been mentioned below.

3) Actions taken by the government. 
In order to stop this actions are being taken but they have to be taken at a larger scale in order to stop this drug influencing people into taking drugs or more than their daily intake, in-fact for any other drug. Here’s the list: 

The narcotics control department is financing a drug treatment center called NONGOR which which is a voluntary and nonprofit organization to help the people who are under the influence of drugs to go under rehabilitation of drugs.
The government has revised their national drug policy of 2005 and now adopted national drug policy 2016.
The law enforcement have remained vigilant and now have strengthened their capacity  to fight against drug trafficking and abuse of drugs.
The drug addicts are being provided with necessary treatment and rehabilitation facilities.

4) Countries smuggling drugs into Bangladesh
Their have been several countries that have smuggled drugs into Bangladesh but, the delegate of Bangladesh will only talk about the countries that have smuggled the most in most recent years in this position paper

Myanmar: Drug trafficking through Rakhine State, which follows the route from eastern Myanmar to Bangladesh’s Cox bazar, has apparently increased in recent years, said a report. In 2016 a large amount of drugs mainly  methamphetamine or yaba were confiscated by officials of both Myanmar and Bangladesh  along their border share. The smuggling of Yaba tablets from Myanmar to Bangladesh has been a threat to the younger generation of  Bangladesh. 

India: The international Department of Narcotic Control in 2012 said that abuse of pharmaceutical originating from India have been one of the biggest non-conventional threats for Bangladesh. Most of the smuggled drugs are produced locally in India and many of them are produced under license. The country also has the highest number of heroin addicts in the world.  Since 2012 over 1,017,255 cannabis plants have been valued at Rs 225 crore have been destroyed along the border between Bangladesh and India. The border security forces (BSF) said that they had seized a huge quantity of contraband valued at Rs 36.5 Crore.  Plantations of cannabis  are produced on a large scale in the interior areas of the border region. Because these plantations are situated in hills and forests, government agencies are having a hard time to locate these plantations and destroy them


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