Based on my topic, I automatically thought of the film ‘Marley and Me’, which was released in December of 2008. David Frankel, the director put together a comedy-drama that starred Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston. David worked along with screenwriters, Scott Frank and Don Roos to create a spectacular film which emphasized how much of an impact animals have on humans lives and vise versa.

 I chose this movie because it shows a strong human-animal bond. This film starts with John and Jenny Grogan (Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston) who are newlyweds moving forward with their lives. Their first decision as a couple is to leave the cold weather in Michigan and move to Florida. They buy their first house down there and both get jobs with newspaper companies.

After they settle and get a bit more steady with their new life, the Grogans adopt a yellow Labrador puppy, who they name Marley. As Marley grows up he begins to be a handful for John and Jenny. Even though he manages to ruin furniture and doesn’t listen due to his failing of obedience school, he always brings the family together and brings out the best in John and Jenny and their growing family. This was an amazing movie. Yes, it was sad, but it made me cry and laugh. This is a must-see family film. It was very moving and really helps to put life, and those things that are really important into perspective. I don’t have anything “bad” to say about the movie besides the fact that the dog does pass away which is sad but it’s just a matter of life.

By watching the film it helped me to relate because when I was 14 years old the dog that I grew up with passed away. We had to put him down and it was very emotional and heartbreaking but it was understandable that he was in pain and that is was the best thing for him. Since this movie is so relatable to so many people, it makes it more enjoyable during the crying and laughing. This relationship between animals and humans is a strong bond based on love. This bond is shown through the love that John and Jenny give to Marley from the day they picked him up to the day they put him down. It is hard for people to explain sometimes into words. It is portrayed in the movie that through bad times and happy times Marley was always there at the end of the day.

John would look through the window as he sits in his car after a long day of work watching Jenny laugh with Marley. Sometimes it is even the little moments like this that form a good memory. It is little but just holds so much meaning and love. From the start to the beginning of watching this film I think I expressed at least 5 different moods. I was sad, happy, mad, confused all throughout this film. I think that was a good thing because that just shows how much meaning this movie held. There was a specific scene when John and Jenny were taking Marley to get “fixed” at the vet and on the way there he had his head out the window and managed to get pretty much his whole body out the window.

John is holding his two hind legs as Marley walks down the road with his two front. This all happens while still in the car. I think this was a funny scene. It was a realistic scene which showed how animals are just as unexpected as humans. Of course, there is always that heartbreaking scene. Marley, unfortunately, gets sick and Jenny and the kids say their last goodbye. John takes him to the vet where he comes to the conclusion that Marley is too old and weak for surgery and that the best thing for him is to put him down.

This scene shows John saying his goodbye to Marley. The film shows Marley’s eyes slowly closing and the vet confirming the death. This is where I couldn’t even see the television because I was just so teary-eyed.

Following Marley’s death, the family has a little funeral for him at their home. This is where they all say one last goodbye and briefly talk about what they will miss. Marley lies there wrapped in a blanket underground. The ending to Marley’s life really showed how much they will be losing because there is that bond that can’t be shared anymore. This film brings a clear image of the relationship between humans and animals.

It explains it visually whereas explaining it in words may be hard to get across. This movie showed all aspects of the relationship and showed through both good and bad times. John and Jenny expressed their love for Marley throughout his whole life while he was with them and they had such a strong bond whereas their kids did in the future too. He held so much value and meaning especially for that family. He brought happiness just by his presence. This was an amazing film and Marley showed to the Grogan family a type of unconditional love that only made their own relationships better with each other.

He taught them to love in a way that wasn’t selfish.


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