Before listening to the “American Exceptionalism”videos, I had to research the topic for my better understanding. From myunderstanding, I do think America is exceptional. America has moreopportunities than most countries. I use to live in Germany where the place Ilived, didn’t have many opportunities for colleges unless I lived in a biggercity. Everyone I knew in my German school thought I was extremely lucky to livein a country where dreams come true. At 11 years old, I didn’t think much ofhow being American was the greatest thing ever. When I moved back at the age of15, I knew how being an American made me exceptional.

            Ithink exceptionalism applies to the United States because it is both unique andspecial from our many ancestries to the growth of the United States from socialeconomic to the political characteristics. Throughout the many generations theUnited States has shown exceptionalism through liberty and freedom ofopportunity than any other nation in the world. The United States is the world’soldest constitutional nation that the land which became the United States wassettled by people seeking freedom of thought, speech, and religion and whocreated a country which symbolizes and values. The United States was founded bypeople who were committed to individual liberty and who designed a system that arrangedour political freedom above governmental authority.  The United States saved Europe and the worldfrom two catastrophic world wars then saved humanity from nuclear holocaust bymaintaining peace through strength during the cold war than by winning the ColdWar. The United States is an electromagnet full of students from around theworld, who want to come to America and attend colleges. So many people wantedto emigrate to the United States because its customary of living has thehighest and its freedom of opportunities is overflowing with possibilities.


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