Before I start with my reflection, I thoughtit would be worth mentioning that I am an outspoken, outgoing and a friendlyperson. I mentioned this in order to give a better perspective on myself aspart of the group.

“Alonewe can do so little, together we can do so much.” -Helen Keller. As part of our group presentation for thesubject ‘Managing organizations and people’, I was part of a group comprising sixmembers.

I had no previous relationship with any of my group members prior tothe assignment which made the assignment an experience to look forward to. Thegroup comprised of Sean, Yawei, Harper, Iris, Sherry and myself. One of thepurposes of the assignment was to find out how well we could work together in agroup to deliver the best possible strategy for the assignment and therebyachieving a good grade. I was assigned to a group where all five members wereof Chinese ethnicity, making communication a difficult task since theirEnglish-speaking skills were not as good as their written English.

On firstmeeting the group, there seemed to be an air of uncertainty as to how we weregoing to proceed and how we would function as a group and who would take chargeof delegating the work for the presentation. We decided to figure out what skills we areindividually good at in order to evaluate how to go about doing the assignment.Peer evaluation also creates a sense of accountability to each other as well acontributing effort to helps the teams purpose and achieve the goal set. (ANDREW C. LOIGNON, 2017). We all had somesort of sense as to how the project was going to play out as well as learningeveryone’s strength.

On further discussion with my team, we endedup with a common goal which was to get the best possible grade. At this pointin the discussion, it was decided unanimously that we would do our research onthe case, highlight valid points of discussion and create a plan of action forthe weeks leading up to the day of presentation. We were cordial to each otherand it seemed like we would be able to work with each other well in the future.  


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