Being a different way that regular kids would

            Being healthy today is a very important thing that all human beings are required to have healthy lives because it reflects on us as individuals in many aspects of our lives. Being healthy doesn’t mean to be physical fit only, but also humans need to be mentally fit and spiritually fit. But it’s usually the physical health that we humans are usually concerned about. Physical health can be maintained and improved by exerting some physical effort like running, weight lifting and riding a bicycle. One of the sports that I have been really attracted to and attached to since I was a child is cycling. I remember when my father bought me my first ever bicycle in the age of 4, I was really impatient and I couldn’t just stay one day without riding my bicycle. Today, as I come to the end of my school life at the age of 17, cycling has been such an ordinary routine for me that if I didn’t ride a bicycle, – whether it was stationary or moving – I will feel that something is wrong. I think that I was growing in a different way that regular kids would do. Like most of the kids I used to know in my age would spend the money they save on video games and other accessories related to digital gaming. Unlike the other children around my age, I used to save my money so that I could spend it on buying accessories for my bikes that would improve it being faster and make it look more beautiful. I never think of cycling as a sport that draws my energy, but I think of it as a sport that helps me be get the clean energy within my body. I was surprised that the human body stores enormous amount of energy in it. As a matter of fact, the average adult has as an equivalent energy stored to a one ton battery. 1 


            Since I am fortunate to be a teenager in these years, one of the things that will be remembered about me is that in my teenage years, smart phones were excessively used by people. Nowadays, it’s almost impossible to enter a house in the United States, the United Kingdom and Europe and the Middle East region and not find someone who is a smart phone user and an online user. It is expected that by 2020, the number of smart phones users is expected to reach 6.1 billion which is a very huge number! This will actually cause the number of smart phone users will exceed the number of users who use fixed land lines.2 As a smart phone user, I noticed that I suffer from the problem of having low charge on my phone. I also noticed that my friends also suffer from the same problem as I do. After a research about this topic, I found out that teenagers and people in the age of youth usually spend around 8-9 hours using their smart phones on a daily basis. So the solution for this issue is to have a portable power bank that they would use for keeping their phones charged wherever they go. We really do think about this as being as a very feasible solution, but if we think about it in a different way, this has some very negative aspects of the environment and which eventually impacts on us one way or another, I thought of it as low charge means more demand for charging outputs which in other means demanding more electricity causing more energy to be wasted to charge the phones or the portable power banks. The problem is that the source we are getting the energy from is unreliable on the long run and unclean. Because most of the electricity we are getting in the Middle East is coming from power plants that use unclean ways to generate electricity by burning fossil fuels and use the energy that has been transformed into many forms and generate electricity by turning turbines and pumps in those power plants.

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            Since I was young in the third or fourth grade, I was always hearing my father, who is an Associate Professor in the University of Bahrain (UOB) complaining about how our governments in the Middle East and the North African region are highly depending on fossil fuels to generate electricity and supply to our houses. As I progressed more into life, I started asking him to explain to me the matter. As he broke it down to me, I became a supporter of his ideas because the Arab world is rich with resources and it can go for alternative ways for generating electricity that depend on renewable energy resources like the solar energy, wind energy and wave energy which could be found easily and invested in the Arab region. The type I liked most in the energy that is renewable is the wind energy because the turbines rely on the wind speed to generate and it relies on kinetics on generating electricity. While I was sitting in one of the times when I am just dreaming and thinking about all of the world around me and what it has come to. A thing that I was really thinking about is the problem of obesity we are facing today. Our communities are becoming lazier and lazier day by day because of many reasons that encourage people to eat more and exercise less. According to a study that has been done in the 1st of July 2017, there are six Arab countries that are in the list of the most obese countries by percentage3. I real wanted to be a person with the initiative that would help to decrease our suffering from this problem and make us exert our energies in the Arab world on something useful other than ordering food.