Being part to the universal brings threats and chances. Nationalsecurity is concerned  about both. It isin a general sense about keeping Somalia from hurt. In the meantime, ournational security exercises should distinguish and benefit as much as possiblefrom new opportunities for our country.

Geographically Somalia is located hornof Africa or East Africa which surrounded by an increasingly extreme securitycircumstance and confronted by complex and serious national security challenges.Based on the lessons we have learned on operations as of late andour investigation of security advancements, we will adjust our nationalsecurity instruments and make new applications on the armed as a feature of anentire of-government approach keeping in mind the end goal to safeguard againstdangers to our security both at domestic and international. Keeping up thepeace and security of Somalia and guaranteeing its survival are the essential responsibilityof the country. Somalia wants to distinguish its national interests right now2046 and future.

The approach first explanations Set of social values of Somali’s strategyof proactive contribution to peace based on the values of global collaboration,it examines its national interest and classifies its state security goals;moreover, it also describes the situation definitions. Moreover, the policyidentifiesnational security with diplomatic and protection policies attheir core, based on appreciation that demand to overcome the challenges,threats and accomplish its objectives. Set of social value Looked with developing present day challenges, we should be set upto adjust and act. Somalia’s present national security plans give a beyond anydoubt establishment, with strong, linked footings in diplomacy, protection,advancement, border protection, law authorization, and intelligence.

Ourcourses of action are wide based as well, with the Government workingintimately with the states and regions, business and the group. What’s more,ensuring and  the protecting TerritoriesThe Government’s most essential obligation is the safeguard of the SomaliaTerritories, and insurance of our people and sovereignty.4.5 We will handle all dangers to the Somalia, our people and ourinterests and the nation will stay strong to, and an unfriendly domain for, theindividuals who expect us hurt, regardless of whether they are state-based ornon-state, for example, terrorists and criminals, and we will facilitate alllevers of national power with the goal that the aggregate of our endeavors ismore important than the basic parts.To guarantee our position in the regional and national for struggleof power making of the collectivedefense and security gave by our membershipof IGAD (Intergovernmental Authority on Development) additionally upgrades thevalidity of our deterrence.

We will likewise work with our key partners overthe world to duplicate the impacts of our own decided approach and incrementour collective security so as to keep our borders, essential freedoms sovereignty and state interest.


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